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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Beckstar2002, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. <font size="4">Hi,</font><font size="4">I'm hoping someone can help/advise me on a little dilemma my colleague and I are about to face when we return to work next week. </font><font size="4">We are both Performing Art's teachers, in a Secondary school that teach Dance and Music, but we will mainly be teaching Drama. We have 3 P.art's rooms which will be a permanent base for 3 members of staff; I and my colleague have been given the Main School Hall. It is quite a large room, has stage space (which sometimes gets used as a dumping ground), we have access to plenty of chairs, P.E do store trampolines and some other equipment in there too (which can be an issue if pupils wander behind the curtains where their stored).</font>
    <font size="4">In the past, some pupils see a big space, get excited and tend to wander around the space. It's quite a challengin school, but I'm not going to use that as an excuse, I really want to have a lovely space to work in. My colleague and I will be mainly teaching in the hall for the academic year, but we can be turfed out at any point, as it is used for assemblies, exams etc, so we would have to find another room to teach in. </font><font size="4">I think we will be allowed to put some displays up in there (will need to check this first). How can we make a positive, exciting and personal learning environment? Could we maybe try to section off areas of the room and have a different area for a different task i.e. question corner, feedback corner, performance corner, rehearsal corner etc? We can't leave chairs out or leave any equipment out so we need to use things that are easy to put up, out and away again at the beginning and end of each lesson. </font> <font size="4">One colleague who has a permanent room has set up her class really nicely, a black room, with yellow and red display boards, drama levels/displays up on the walls and she isn't using the traditional school chairs and tables, she has red and yellow comfy chairs to use. I think this will be a welcoming and personal learning environment for the pupils, which will make them want to be there to learn. How can I make that happen in a big main hall when it's not our permanent base? I want my classes to have a great experience like my firend's pupils will in their classroom. I know we have some great SOW to teach and it's all about how the teacher teaches them to the pupils, but I just want a nice, personal and exciting teaching space that I feel happy to teach in but most importantly for my pupils tolearn in.</font>
    <font size="4">I'm not trying to be negative at all, I obviously would love a permanent base but this can't happen, so I want to do the best that I can with what I've got. I'm trying to stay positive. </font><font size="4">Can anybody offer any suggestions on how I can make use of the space I have please? I have a few ideas but not sure how feasible they are (roll up mats, bean bag chairs etc to sit on when talking/explaining tasks to pupils, a performance stage/mat etc). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. As I said I work in a secondary school and will mainly be teaching Drama in there with Year's 7, 8 and 9, possibly mixed groups, just girl groups and just girl groups, so one routine/idea may work with a girl group but may need a different idea for a boy&rsquo;s only group. Any suggestions big or small would be great.</font>
    <font size="4">Many Thanks in advance </font>
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    So why are your management allowing 3 teachers the luxury of permanent rooms while 2 of you "rough it" in undesignated rooms that will be very difficult to personalise?
    This is unfair. Not the way I run my department.
    If I was HoD I would try to share around all the facilities. Do you not get to teach in the nice rooms when your colleagues have frees?
    I wopuld take the view that you need to waste as little time as possible moving stuff in and out of your room and as much time as possible teaching. If your colleagues hog the nice rooms, then they should help to get resources to you when you need them.
    Angry P
  3. Hi Angry P,
    Unfortunately we are quite over staffed in P.Art's at the moment, so my friend and I are team teachig as we don't have a full timetable (3 other staff do). Two of the classrooms have always belonged to P.Art's, the 3rd is actually a dining room where pupils will have their lunches. There are no other rooms down P.Art's for us to have so the hall is the next place closest to it.

    I have just checked my timetable and i do get to use the big P.Art's class for a couple of lessons, when I actually get to teach my subject, Dance.

    Again we are given the SOW, we then have to provide and sort out our own resources :-(.

    Thank you for your advice I really do appreciate it, sorry if I made you angry with my story

  4. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    If the school have so many staff for performance Arts it sounds like their keen... I'd ask for some display boards... big free standing ones! Then you can put displays on them and also section off smaller spaces to start your lessons before moving into the big space for practical stuff. This idea might sound mad but... how big are your classes? Could the school splash out on a set of bean bags for your space, they store pretty easily when others need to use the space but can provide the 'chilled' space you seem to be looking for.

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