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classroom resources

Discussion in 'Geography' started by phil1015, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. phil1015

    phil1015 New commenter

    1st Geography job Teaching at nice school. Classroom sparse, decor not great.!! Anyone know where i can get any resources to put round the board, key phrases/pictures ? etc .
  2. ejz

    ejz New commenter

    I understand where your at...
    1. Grab textbooks
    2. Scan down the glossarys for words that you think will be useful to you
    3. Create a blank template on your computer (I use MS Publisher)
    4. Put your key term at the top of the page and explanation (in pupil speak) at the bottom
    5. Sign-up for a free clipart website
    6. Insert suitable pictures to your document
    7. Print out in colour, laminate and display

  3. phil1015

    phil1015 New commenter

    took longer than i thought ! many thanks ! i was hoping that there would be a website with free downloads , but alas too much time spent without success ! in the end DIY worked !
    Thanks again
  4. Great pics for displays can be simply old scenic calendar pictures... very easy to find ones relevant to your chosen case study areas.
  5. you could also spend an hour googling and emailing charities which work in anything related. WaterAid, Oxfam and their climate change work, various conservation charities spring to mind.

    Here at SOS Children we look after orphaned and abandoned children around the world. Happy to send you some posters if you email me at helen@soschildren.org.
  6. I'm a volunteer for a grassroots development charity called GlobalGivingUK. I'm working on developing schools content for our website which I think would be of interest to Geography teachers (I just graduated from Oxford with a geography degree myself). I am doing research into what teachers use and what teachers want from online charity content for schools. If you have a moment it would be great if you can fill out my short survey: globalgivinguk.wufoo.com/.../research-survey-gguk-online-resources-for-schools

    Much appreciated,


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