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Classroom Monitor

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Tilly Banana, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Does anyone use it? Is it worth getting?
  2. Does anyone use it? Is it worth getting?
  3. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    It is very time consuming to keep up to date, and the reports it produces are a pile of poo. We hate it but it cost so much they make us use it and then write reports from scratch.
  4. I haven't come across Classroom Monitor so I can't comment whether it is worth purchasing or not. However we do use and online reporting system called INCERTS that we find very useful in terms of (a) recording attainment against National Curriculum levels (and sub levels) of attainment, (b) monitoring and tracking progress across the curriculum and through the year groups by the provision of accurate and detailed data (that is output into a variety of forms including Excel and Openoffice) and (C) adaptable and flexible end of year reports that without a great deal of editing are effective and readable (once upon a time Jume and early July were devoid of any other activity other than writing bloomin' reports!).

    Compared to our previous "system" it is streets ahead especially as information is shared across the school without the big (huge) assessment files that we had. Time spent recording assessment will always be needed but once a half term is more than enough to keep things up to date.

    I am quite a big advocate for the system (can't you tell!) but in the world of "we will make things easier for you but in the end it doesn't" this has been one of the few things that has! My colleagues were, initially, a bit iffy but one by one..........!
  5. In my honest opinion ... No! We have it in my school but even though it has cost us a lot of money we are not really using it. Takes ages to input and then you have to change levels because you know that Fred isn't a L3 but CRM thinks it is because you have clocked certain boxes. The reports it produces is so parent/child unfreindly thatyou have to rewrite so in my opinion I wouldn't recommend it. Teacher Assessment is best!
  6. NicoleK

    NicoleK New commenter

    I have looked extensively at different systems like these and I would advise against Classroom Monitor. You're better off with your own markbook and your own reports.

    For managing the data and levels of the children and analysing the performance of different groups' levels and APS, I can recommend Essex Target Tracker, but it doesn't sound like that's the sort of thing you want.
  7. Have you looked at www.schoolintel.co.uk? In partnership with my head teacher, we created this spreadsheet that is now used in all primary schools in our local authority. It has been described as a RAISEOnline that is available throughout the year. It has also been very helpful during OFSTED inspections. If you register on the web site, you can download a demo.
  8. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

  9. We use RainbowPPT from www.rainbowppt.co.uk (free download trial available). It is a Windows based pupil tracking software that runs on the school network. It links with school management systems such as SIMS and teacher assessments only hav to be entered once.
    It allows tracking to be done based on predictions, targets, CVA and provides easy analysis based on any combination of year, class, set, intervention group, prior attainment, ability level, gender, ethnicity and date of birth. Dead easy to use - staff don't require any expensive training because it is just like using any Windows software. Oh, and it's cheap and doesn't require an annual license - it's similar to programs like Report Assist - you just pay for updated functionality when you want to.
    The biggest and most powerful change for our primary school of 500 pupils and 19 classes is that the teachers, year group leaders, subject leaders and SLT now all take responsibility for interrogating the database online, analysing what it tells them and planning to do something about it. No longer the Assessment co-ordinator/ HT/ Deputy. Really empowering in sparking whole staff at all different levels to get into idea of continuous improvement based on evidence AND takes the onus of just one person!
  10. Please see the independent review of Classroom Monitor on this TES review page for an objective viewpoint of the system. https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storyCode=6004957
    The system also had a 10/10 independent review in ICT for Education magazine Feb issue. Both reviews have been done by teachers using the system in the classroom.
    I do not want to criticise any posters here but some of the comments below are/ may be written by other suppliers who may have a vested interested in promoting their own systems and rejecting Classroom Monitor.
    I work for Classroom Monitor so do not pretend to be unbiaised but we have an over 85% re-sign up rate. Assessment is inherently time consuming but Classroom Monitor is quicker and easier than paper or excel. While The levelling is consistent with recommendations from QCA and particulalry APP.
    Classroom Monitor does not write your reports for you it is designed to support reporting and will form the basis for a report - all reports should be edited and personalised. I don't pretend that CM is the be-all and end-all or that it will suit everyone but hope the reviews above can help to provide another viewpoint.
  11. We've been using Classroom Monitor for a few years and I found it saves me time. Assessment is something our SLT are tough on [​IMG] but at least now when i spend the time assessing i can also use the info to help write my reports. its very simlpe to use which helps as i don't use it every week!!
  12. We use www.schoolpupiltracker.co.uk
    It's really great to help everyone in school see where children have been before they reach our classes. There's some excellent auto graphs and a bank of targets to support target setting - really useful. Also writes IEPs and tracks APP too. SMART - take a look
  13. we use Classroom Monitor too, I've just asked whether they have an option for parents to log in and they do so I'm going to ditch our VLE! yay

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