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Classroom Monitor- will it cover APP

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Miss Pious, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. http://www.primeprinciple.co.uk/demo/index.htm
    I know nothing about this though it looks like yet another hop on the bandwagon piece of software that will be in now and out tomorrow much like Report Assist etc have been.....
    The basic running of it looks no different to my Excel worksheets I currently use.... not sure how it dates things as I thought that was a big part of the APP appraoch (dating observations)?
  2. Thanks for the link. I just had a look and my heart sank, I like to write with a pencil in a bound book, it really helps me to think about the children and who had achieved what. Im going to find this quite hard.
    Anyone out there use it in KS1?
  3. We use it. You can do it online now, which is helpful as you can access the marksheets from anywhere. My foundation stage staff complained that it wasn't detailed enough for them (??) but the KS1 staff seem largely OK. Don't think they've done a very good job adapting the programme to suit the new framework for literacy/numeracy (there isn't a lot on what the child can do, it's more about which objectives you've covered...) but the other stuff isn't too bad. Their support staff have been helpful whenever I've contacted them, which is a plus. As regards APP - we'll see!

  4. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    We use it solely for APP & introduced it because we were concerned about just how inefficient the APP structure was, lots of pieces of paper, etc.
    The objectives are the same, but it is in spreadsheet format. We've found a number of advantages.
    It is in spreadsheet format, which means you can click and highlight groups of children a lot faster - for example, when marking or after working with a focus group, you don't have to turn through pages of APP to find the right children.
    It is far easier to draw useful information from. It is automatically levelled (teachers can over-ride if they feel a level is inappropriate), and you can quickly see which children have *not* met a particular objective and feed that into your planning.
    Re: dates - we have decided to introduce a single "master" class APP sheet where we date each objective each time we make an assessment .... ie "to use equivalent fractions" will have the dates of the lessons where that was assessed. The evidence can then quickly be retrieved from the teacher's comments on their planning or from the work in the child's book. If you hover over a highlighted box, it tells you the month/year it was last clicked, which can then be matched against the date on the master sheet.
    For report writing, you need to use it for a range of other things e.g. NC statements, primary framework, etc. which we haven't done.
    The only drawback is that it can be a bit cumbersome logging in etc if you want to assess a single child against a statement, rather than groups/the majority of the class. I guess this is more of a problem in KS1 where tasks might be more open-ended and you don't know what objective the child might demonstrate today.
    Overall, however, it is a big improvement on APP as it is quicker to use and instantly provides you with information that you would have to wade through a whole file of papers to find (e.g. which children can't do equivalent fractions).
  5. Thanks for the feed back everyone, I will print it out and take it to the next staff meeting about classroom monitor.
  6. Over the summer break it was put to me by my Head that I find a programme that would import, collate and interpret all of our assessment data. Our school is in a particularly challenging area, so trend spotting, progress and VA info is very important. Currently use our own collection of Excel spreadsheets for data entry, I think most of us do?! The net threw up a few programmes that are essentially Excel based and no better that what we already can do. I got thinking about the way we track our APP assessments (the paper framework we have is very time consuming and dated), did a few searches for APP and came across www.schoolpupiltracker.co.uk You may find it interesting. It is an online assessment programme that has a built-in APP assessment tracker with an easy click system for working toward and achieved. Furthermore, it has a target setting feature for the children with all the APP focus aspects translated into child-speak (you can even print them out as stickers to go into you childrens books) There is a demo on their website that shows you how to use it. The programme advertisers itself as a whole school assessment solution, looks really interesting. Hope you find something soon.
  7. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    We use classroom monitor and find it to be a complete waste of our precious time.We assess against the NC and it over assesses nearly everyone so you end up rechecking boxes to make it say what you teacher assessed them as!!!! The reports are awful so we have to write our own. All in all a huge waste of money and time, but the HT likes it cos its got graphs. We have not used it for APP yet though so I am pleased that someone has given this area of it a thumbs up because its bound to be the next thing the head hits us with.
  8. how can Teacher Assessment be a waste of time?
  9. "I know nothing about this though it looks like yet another hop on the bandwagon piece of software"
    I think your cynacism is unfair as we actually work with the guys from Classroom Monitor and what I liked about it is that is the exact opposite to how you describe, it actually grew out of a Primary school and wasn't just a company backtracking to try and solve a problem. It grew slowly from the ground up
  10. MizUnderstood

    MizUnderstood New commenter

    Both of my placement schools use school pupil tracker online which I think is really good, you can even buy into a report writing section of it which automatically pulls their levels and targets from the APP grids, it's still fully editable once it's done that, but saves hours of writing.
  11. I've noticed that a lot of the posts on TES are by people mis-representing themselves by pretending to be teachers when all they do is dishonestly spam the whole forum with links to the same programs - they obviously are working fro the same companies!!! After this would you trust such a program with your reports?

    Check this out for yourself... Click the number next to the 'posts' text and look at what else they have written on the forum!

    I wrote ReportComplete, it used to be called ElementaryReports. It has all the usual features: statement banks, group writer, full editor, online backups, etc... it also has pronoun tracking (not just a simple pronoun search and replace that others seem to have)... I make regular updates based on user feedback that can be installed by clicking an update button from within the program.

    There is also a spin off version called ReportPlus that is especially for ex-ReportAssist users. It has the same views as ReportAssist but is like a completely new re-write fixing all the old problems you may have had with ReportAssist. Most of the same support staff who worked at ReportAssist now work at ReportPlus!

    Both programs have been updated for the new 2012 EYFS framework and are available for single users or whole schools.
  12. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Funny, in our school the Foundation staff loved it but everyone else thought it was inaccurate. We don't have it anymore and in Foundation are using a progress tracker given to us by the LA which is tedious to use and even though it is on Excel it is locked for editing so doesn't let you highlight areas to select for printing, you have to print all 44 pages!

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