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Classroom experience

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by nbuuifx, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I'm currently submitting two applications for the GTP. I'm a male applying for Primary with a specialism in ICT.
    I've been trying to get as much experience as possible, and have been volunteering since September on a regular basis. I have also recently been paid to cover another teaching assistant. So I have a mixture of paid and voluntary work to put down on my application.
    What I'm worried about is whether or not I'm doing the right kind of work! I'm in a classroom which is great - I've had experience right across KS1 & KS2 which again is great but... I'm only observing and helping out. Most of the time the lessons are already planned, I will then be used to either help one table (usually a lower ability group of children) or I will go round checking that the children are OK with the task and help them out where possible.
    The detail page for one of the GTP applications talks in detail about the potential to teach letter that it requires. Part of this states that it should include "A report of an observation of your teaching in school". At this point I haven't been observed but obviously I'd like this to be planned in as best as possible - does it just mean the teaching of a small group or should I be doing more? Should I be asking them to let me plan and take a lesson? What have others done as part of their experience?
    I'd love to have a go at planning and teaching a lesson but thought that would come during the GTP year - what I'm worried about is should I already be asking to do this?

  2. I completed the GTP course a couple of years ago. Are you planning to complete the course at your present school, because if so the head teacher should beable to complete the potential to teach section. I was not formally observed prior to starting the course, but worked as a TA supporting indiviual children and groups and had references from the SENCO and class teacher. If a school has offered you a training place, then you are very nearly there!
  3. For my potential to teach letter, I went into the school that had agreed to take me on, just to teach one lesson, so that they had a formal observation of me.That's probably all you'd need to do I think.
  4. I've actually been going to two schools, and both have offered to support me through the GTP so I have applied for two different Universities - one for each school.

    @scobberlotcher - When you taught the one lesson did you go through doing a full plan differentiating for different abilities etc.

    If it is the case that I can teach a lesson then I could probably do with teaching one at both schools.

    Was it primary that you were doing or secondary? What subject did you do a lesson on?

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