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Classroom displays

Discussion in 'Science' started by sciencebabe, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. sciencebabe

    sciencebabe New commenter

    Our department is looking pretty drab, really old labs which look even worse with the old stained displays up.
    I was wondering what other departments currently have on their walls or any grand plans they have. I am thinking of having common displays in every lab such as keywords, assessment criteria, pictures and names of common lab equipment and extended writing and planning frames etc.
    I still want students work on the walls but am looking at having themes such as levelled exemplar work (KS3) and planning / extended writing for KS4.

    Anyone else got any good ideas?

  2. My lab was looking pretty drab and boring but I decided to make big primary colour display boards and then I have a display about women in Science, a display of student work, a form notice board, a level ladder and a display on HSW. Just big and bright!!
  3. I hate to be a "downer" but about 8y ago, teachers were recommended a 4%(?) pay rise by the independent pay review body but the government awarded 2%(?) on the grounds that 25 non-teaching jobs would be taken away from us. One of these was producing classroom displays.
    In theory, your head should have used some of your "pay" to cover this task, perhaps by employing extra assistance. However, you should still be responsible for deciding what should go on the walls. Sadly, I suspect this never really took off and many teachers continue to do it all themselves: if we undervalue our own jobs, does it surprise you that everyone else does too? However, I would suggest you enquire, perhaps via your union rep, how this key promise is being performed. After all, compound interest has accrued on those "non-pay" rises, so it is now worth a bit more of your money than it was then.
    Good luck from a grumpy old man.
  4. sciencebabe

    sciencebabe New commenter

    Hi Physics
    I agree that classroom displays could be done by a teaching assistant or general admin and once we decide what we want I will ask an LSA to do some of this. However I will probably end up doing it myself as LSA's even though are good will have to have a lot of input from me. So actually putting the displays up takes very little time compared to planning / producing the resources and collecting the work. Am also very fed up - what with the new OFSTED criteria, suddenly changing the exams to non modular and us not knowing what exams are they sitting (is core and additional going to be seperate), the new national curriculum ...aaarrgggg....

    Roll on summer...
  5. jeltjie

    jeltjie New commenter

    My lab was THE drab, pale and ugliest class ever. It is now super bright.
    It has lots of kids work - on coloured paper so it looks nicer when put up. It has lots of national geographic pictures and articles which the kids love to read and look at because the photography is beautiful. I also have paper chinese lanterns to make it looks bright and colourful (these cost me a pound per lantern and I get to refer to them when we talk about opacity, translucency etc.) and I also have coloured paper definition dangling from the ceiling that the kids made - each side has a definition from a topic. The kids loved making them, practiced their key words and definitions and they make my displays 3D!
    I also made a giant solar sytem display which has a giant sun and planets. These are covered in a collage of sciency images such as atoms, supernovas, star nosed moles etc a well as pictures of the students doing practicals. I also made stars. Each star has a scientist in it with a little description of why it is important.
    Hope it helps
  6. pink_reindeer

    pink_reindeer Occasional commenter

    Wow. Your lab sounds gorgeous!!
  7. lunarita

    lunarita Lead commenter

    Jeltjie's idea about using magazine pictures is a good one. I had a
    really drab classroom once, it was part underground so got little
    Some of my 6th form helped me cover the walls with
    coloured paper, one even painted big a poster for me. We collected
    colourrful pictures from New Scientist etc and I bought a couple of
    calendars reduced in a WHSmith sale, one was all pictures of waves and
    once was pictures of space. We used those to fill
    all the blank spaces and particularly the hard to reach bits where,
    realistically. children's displays aren't going to be updated very
    And I know, my HT and any passing Ofsted folk would probably prefer to see level descriptors and other worthy stuff on the walls, but as a student I can't think of anything I'd have found duller.

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