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Classroom Displays

Discussion in 'Music' started by wonderfulworld, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Has anybody got any ideas for good classroom displays? I have a really drab looking room which needs a lot of work. I know a few years ago word walls were the 'in thing'. What has everybody got up in their classroom? Also, how often do you change your displays? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. Has anybody got any ideas for good classroom displays? I have a really drab looking room which needs a lot of work. I know a few years ago word walls were the 'in thing'. What has everybody got up in their classroom? Also, how often do you change your displays? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks.
  3. A huge sign saying 'what is music' and then lots of cards with all my students opinions/definitions of what music is.
  4. I am very, very lucky not to have a drab room. It is lovely and yellow and bright and looks out on the playing fields. As a consequence, I see no need for posters or displays of any kind.

    Pupils seem to appreciate escaping from the incomprehensible jumble of words and images that greets them in every other room. I like to think it enhances their aural perception too.
  5. I am most proud of my Blues Display for year 8...

    It has all the blurb, pictures of various people, stories in a diary extract style my class did in the life of a slave and my fave bit is all the cotton wool we put on top of a green bed of stalks for the cotton fields!

  6. In reply to post 3: Don't you think you could boost their pride in the work they do if it is displayed? How about appealing to all their senses with visual stimulation around the room. I agree that poorly thought out displays can defeat the purpose but a wall of keywords for GCSE students, thought provoking quotes to provide stimulus for conversation......surely this could enhance the brightest of walls with a nice view out the window????
  7. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    There is a perpetual problem with music: aural stimulation is more important than visual. But quite whether anyone would want interactive sound installations around their walls is an altogether different matter ...
  8. how about good examples of pupils' work, such as graphic scores or listening mats? my pupils think i'm cool because i have a poster of hendrix on the wall!
  9. We not only need to help pupils learn how to listen but we also need to encourage pupils to be able to use musical language when talking about music. Surely carefully planned language walls would greatly assist any teacher in this task?
  10. Well I put up in my classroom a display that said 'what came before iPods?' and put a timeline of musical devices used to play music from 1900. The kids got the chance to see LP's and cassette tapes?.you would be surprised how many children wouldn't even know what LP's are. They loved it. It created good discussion and gave me a chance to challenge their thinking as there is no room in the curriculum to teach music tech, history of music.They also got to see how history events linked to technology and music.
  11. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Not trying to detract from the original post (great display suggestions - keep them coming), but...
  12. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    A student 'Question & Answered' board: students with questions about music write it on a post-it note and stick it on the 'Question' side of a wall. Then older (or younger!) students answer the question and move the post-it to the 'Answered' side. With the aim of creating a dialogue about music amoungst students.
  13. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    I have the dreaded levels/grade descriptors up there which, I can tell you, no-one ever looks at (obligatory) Also literacy words, again, only used when pointed out by me (also obligatory and despite every classroom having the same words, still the kids don't use them), then come the ever expanding posters of rules, expectations and vision. It is just adding to an already cluttered room. I would love plain walls.Nothing on them. Lets just focus on instruments and eachother rather than constantly wondering our eyes around the room looking for the answer. Too much to look at means less focus on what people are playing or talking about. Where is the evidence that it supports learning? And it is so time consuming...
  14. I have a poster of Johnny Depp on my wall. Yes we have done some work on Pirates of the Caribbean but more importantly I like looking at it. I agree with some of the posts, you can completely over clutter your walls with charts of NC descriptors etc which no one looks at. I think it is more important to create a room that gives a nice creative/artistic feel - I have large colourful posters which have some relevance to my themes.
    I think it is equally important to get the colour of your paintwork right - certain colours give a better ambience for learning - just my opinion.
  15. tanbur

    tanbur New commenter

    One year ago I asked the Art department for display ideas. One of the teachers came up with a brilliant idea. Her students came across to the music room and did close up sketches of mic, guitar tuning head, violin f hole, trumpet mouthpiece, keyboard controls, speaker, amplifier volume control, section of flute, and so on. Back in the art dept the students developed these ideas on large paper using vibrant colours. The final pictures, all of which did not look anything like a violin, keyboard, guitar, amplifier, were then displayed high on the wall in the music room.
    So I had some inspirational art work which could then be used for musical compositional ideas - 'select a picture and / use the structure / interpret the colours / read the picture as music from left to right / top to bottom. Also captured the pics with digital camera and got a few students to experiment with Photo Story 3 for Windows.
    Now I've changed schools and am missing the artistic display!!
  16. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    That does sound like a good idea tanbur.

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