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Classroom Display - advice/ideas please!

Discussion in 'English' started by Top_Cat, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I've just returned back after Maternity Leave and my classroom is wrecked! I only teach uppper school kids and they're not so keen/haven't got the time to do any display - especially at this time of year.
    I wondered if anyone had any bright ideas for display that was teaching display (so I can leave it up a while) or what the latest thing is that's going on in classrooms? I'm feeling a bit old fashioned and out of touch!
    I have a figurative terms word wall and the AFs up (dull) and a few (now battered) motivational and interesting quotations, but all in all, the room has scribbles everywhere, ripped display and it's all a tad overwhelming really.
    Any bright ideas or help would be massively appreciated :)
    TC x
  2. jarndyce

    jarndyce Occasional commenter

    My favourite display is of my Year 8s' work on Owen's "Spring Offensive".
    In the centre - a huge copy of the poem (on a few sheets of landscape A3), with interesting bits of imagery in bold.
    Right by the poem - these particular images illustrated by students (eg, "breasted the surf of bullets").
    Around the edges - A3 storyboards of the whole poem. The illustrations of more specific images basically came from these: they had been instructed, in their storyboards, to 'literally' illustrate at least two or three bits of imagery, and after I'd taken them in I asked boys who had done this particularly well to reproduce a particular part of it onto A4.
    In various blank spaces I've got some work done by the less artistic students - for example, one lad who "can't draw" got the task of researching Wilfred Owen and writing a biography.
    Another thing that's come to mind: the same odd combination of storyboard/literally illustrating imagery, but for Browing's "The Laboratory" with my Year 11s. This was something suggested by another teacher (who is much better than me!), to help them understand it. It worked, and, as an incentive to get this 'reluctant' group to do the work, I promised to display some of them. They were thrilled - in my department, at least, nearly all the displays of work are from Years 7 to 9, so this really spurred on some of them.
  3. Clarerees

    Clarerees New commenter

    Other things that work well (though, ahem, unlike the other posters, I very much favour displays that get put up about once every two years and then covered in stickyback plastic to make them difficult to destroy):
    • Poetry/ Media/ Drama terms on large coloured card hanging from the ceiling
    • Class project e.g. Othello represented in comic book form (each person takes a different quote/ event and illustrates it)
    • pictures of authors and poets studied in the school (meh, it's timeless)
  4. Thanks for all the ideas, I really appreciate it.
    I went through my external hard drive scouring through years of stuff to look at what I have already and found the reading strategies posters too, so will get those up. Shame those Read On posters aren't free anymore too.
    If anyone has any rady made posters, am happy to swap stuff x
  5. Hi
    Film Education's latest free online resources for newly released films Tomorrow When the War Began and Thor both have two large wallcharts which make great displays for English and Media classrooms. Have a look at the resources on our website www.filmeducation.org and if you'd like the wallcharts drop us a line at secondary@filmeducation.org. If you sign up to our database, in future you will receive our free resources automatically.
    Film Ed team

  6. I've had some luck with book/publishing businesses - they'll happily send out promo posters. Plus I look at play.com and snap up their clearance posters (got a great stig-isms one and a fab Dr who poster both of which cost me a quid!)
  7. diamond_raindrops

    diamond_raindrops New commenter

  8. A really quick thing is...

    In Tescos etc they have rolls of paper, or you can use a roll of wall paper.

    Roll it out on the floor/ desk and give the students a poem, story or piece of music. Ask them to write key words, definitions and images on it. This can the go around the whole room.

    It can be done in 10 minutes! Honestly!

    Quick and easy.
  9. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    In the past, I'd have suggested putting up some exeplar pieces of coursework/exam work for each grade A* - C (or what ever you prefer). Then create a commentary for each piece. This could double up as assessment for learning because pupils could compare their work against the ones on display after they've completed practice essays etc in class.
    Now that Controlled Assessment has come in, you could display the new assessment criteria and some good examples of each type of CA.

    Just an idea. Bit boring really.

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