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Classical Civislisation A2 AQA

Discussion in 'Classics' started by seebee, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Despite an A at AS level and a predicted A all through the year, my daughter has come out with a C at A level this week. As you can imagine it has been devastating for her and means she missed out on her university place. We were advised to ask for a photocopy of the paper back to check through,before asking for a remark, but it seems the teacher is not available to go through it with her until the beginning of term, and although I am inclined to ask for a priority remark (Can still do that tomorrow I think) I wonder if any of you can point me in the direction of mark schemes/AOs for this subject.What kind of things were the examiners looking for? I think it will be too late for a place at uni this year but she just wants closure and reassurance on why she did so badly when this was her best subject. She achieved all her other grades as predicted. Thank you.
  2. I do really sympathise with you and your daughter. If you look at the AQA website you can find the specification on there fairly easily - in the "specification finder" boxes just choose A-level and Classical Civilisation, then click on the "Key Materials" tab. The specification will show you the criteria against which essays are marked, and you will also find past papers and mark schemes under this tab (although not of course this year's). Which topics did she do? I suspect the most common reason for losing marks is not giving enough specific evidence for each point made in an essay.
    Fingers crossed if you decide to go for a remark! There are lots of good classics courses available and maybe she can find one with a place available which would suit her anyway.
  3. Thank you - have decided to go for a remark now, but I'll have a look at that.
  4. Hi,
    I am able to tutor or offer support in Classical Civilisation, should your daughter need help.
    I teach the AQA .
    Tell your daughter not to worry, there will be a clear explanation when you get the paper back (this would be good if the remark does not change the grade.)
    best wishes

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