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Discussion in 'English' started by irishfellow12, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    In your opinion or experience, what classic books engage boys? The only thing I have is Animal Farm..

    Any help is appreciated!

    • Lord of the Flies
    • Of Mice and Men
    • 1984
    Lots more no doubt...
  2. RCMJ

    RCMJ New commenter

    Any chance of a hint as to:
    (a) what age boys?
    (b) how classic?
    (c) with what purpose? Textual analysis in nauseating detail, or simply to encourage the habit of reading? Conan Doyle short stories wouldn't withstand ongoing analysis, but they're rattlingly good page-turners for boys of a certain age...
  3. I'd agree with previous suggestions. Also:
    Treasure Island?
    Does 'The Machine Gunners' count as a 'classic'?

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