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Class Swap/Meet the Teacher - NEW 2011!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cbdixon, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!
    It's that time of year again so I thought I'd start a new thread!

    Here is the old thread from last year (hope it works!)

    So who has a great idea/resource to share...?

  2. I'm moving from Year 6 to Year 4 in Sept, so would love to hear ideas that people may have that have worked really well.

    In Year 6 this year one of the activities was to complete a drawing of their faces - we had taken a photo of each child and gave them half a photo of their face. This was an idea that I saw on here last time and it worked really well.
  3. NewJob2010

    NewJob2010 New commenter

    Hi all,
    Do you know your class for next year cbdixon? what have you had this year?
    newjob2010 x
  4. I have Y2 this year and I have them again next year. We found out last week once the cut off date for people handing their notice in had passed.
  5. Bump!
  6. We formally find out where we are next Tuesday, but I am new to the SLT team so I found out on Thursday - Im moving from Y1 to Y2 and will be taking most of the same children with me, so it wont be too much of an exciting day for me!

  7. We only meet for 20 minutes in the last week of term so won't get to do anything practical. I'm moving from yr 3 to mixed 1/2. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them for that time tho... any ideas from ks1 people greatly appreciated.
  8. We have a whole day for this which I think is rather pointless. I'd rather spend more time with my current class.
    I'll probably spend the whole day outside playing games. Might sort out the monitors and rules for next year but all that writing is just a pain. Nothing gets marked or kept. I've met the children anyway and a lot are already looking forward to coming up and take time to talk to me about it. I think a half day is enough but whatever I do, I just try to make it fun.
  9. Last year I had mine write a letter to themselves in a years time. I had a look at them myself the other day. It was really nice to see how much they have come on, and I'm sure they will enjoy reading them too at the end of term.
  10. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    I do this every year too. They love getting them back at the end of the year.

    We do the half face in B/W. They draw the other half with art pencils. They make a great first display, we always have positive comments about them.
  11. Might get my new Y6 to find all the pencils that my old Y6 have lost! At least they can sharpen the remaining few before I hide them away for the last week.
  12. I too did the half faces in colour a couple of years ago but I think I'm going to do it again this year with my new Y2s.

    Last year I did a mini project on Ricky Gervais's Flanimals. We looked at some and created our own then wrote a little description about them.

    We don't have to do too much written work as every class does a piece of writing and art work with their current class. Every year there is a theme which this year is 'flowers.' So we do a piece of writing and art work around that theme, mount it and give it to the teacher who will have them next year so there is already some work to go up! We've done a variety of themes such as sport, an author, the new building (when it was built a couple of years ago), animals and everyone does the same theme from FS to Y5.
  13. I'm moving from year 3 to mixed 1/2. Moving up day is Thursday.
    Would love to pair up and do planning etc.?
  14. We have moved to a transition week! Sometimes it's nice to wind down a bit with your old class; no chance this year.
    usually try a lot of team challenges in the hall; crossing from one side to the other without touching the floor (sea).
  15. We are spending an entire week with our new classes!

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