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Class Sizes

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by rhegarty, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to get a feeling of what other schools 'class size limits' are..

    Ive been teaching aqa photography for 3 years and class sizes have been around 16-20, however things are changing.

    We are now starting to offer option subjects in year 9.

    Ive just received numbers for my 2 "KS4" classes, y8->y9 and y9-> y10

    My year 9 class will have 28 and my year 10 class will be 24.

    Im worried that the extra numbers will make it more difficult to teach and still maintain a decent A*-C percentage.

    How do these numbers compare to other schools?


  2. lizziegrace

    lizziegrace New commenter

    28 is frightening! We have upped our numbers to 20 this year (we previously only had 16 computers!) and I'm finding that hard work...throw in some "tricky" students and it's a challenge to maintain high standards. Do you have the hardware and resources/equipment to support 28 students? I think the one to one Photoshop help alone would be unmanageable sometimes...?! What is worth arguing is that in other practical lessons (D&T, Science) the teacher would be supported practically by a technician. To manage a larger class, I personally, would have to start to think about reducing the flexibility and personal development of students' work and limiting creative responses...not exactly what my department stands for, but possibly necessary to ensure that all students are making sound progress.

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