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Class sizes in D&T

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by whacko!, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. What are your KS3 class sizes please?

    Other info like type of school would be god, too.


  2. What are your KS3 class sizes please?

    Other info like type of school would be god, too.


  3. Usually 18 ish - I draw the line at 20.
    Room area is too small for more than 20.
    year 7 up to year 13
  4. In my previous school we were having classes of 25 (in a brand new D/T block - where the rooms were designed to take 21!!). The Head said she would take responsibility if there were accidents - I don't think so. I split a food group for a practical, on grounds of health and safety. A parent complained - and no one in Senior Management, including my HOF would support me - hence I found a new job!! My new school is a small secondary and we have groups of 15-19 - boy what a difference. You certainly get more work done, can get round the group, etc. Well worth the move.
  5. Pupils on Roll: 1000
    D&T is compulsory to all year groups (11-16)
    Class sizes range from 18 to 23 (mainly 20/21).

    DATA states it is unsafe to have more than 20.
  6. Average sized comp with no more than 20 in each class. Often a couple less and with absences the class size can be very managable
  7. 1400 11-18 mixed comp
    25 KS3
    19-23 KS4
    Current AS 19
    Makes it fun
  8. KS3, largest class 30!!!!! yes 30
    Smallest class 24.
    KS4, largest class 24
    smallest class 15.
  9. Good grief - 30!

    I know of a school with 26 children in a workshop.

    Not good, especially since one of the 26 is my child.
  10. on roll = 600
    KS3 class size = 25
    KS4 class size = Yr 11 = 24
    Yr 10 = 21
    always campaigning for smaller classes but its a constant battle. data just being a guideline is a pain, there should be some sort of law linked to size of the room or soemthing to help us out!
  11. i have 28 in my key stage 4 classes and 30 in my key stage 3... makes it soo hard

  12. Our KS3 classes are now up to 32 and rising mainly with EAL students. Conventional D & T no longer exists and we are revamping KS2 projects to manage HELP Steve
  13. Ours are now 23/24 but I only have 9 cookers its a struggle.....no technician either! I am so tired at the end of the day. I fall asleep on the sofa before I have time to make my evneing meal.
  14. There is health and safety guidance on this - though not law. We just had new food rooms developed and when deciding where to put them the space was a big issue. There is a recommended square meterage allowed per pupil (1.5 springs to mind but that could be completely wrong!) this applies to all work shops including food and textile rooms.
    We have battles over this and for years the school kept its entry numbers down in year 7 because of this. We have stood our ground and when class sizes go over 21 (KS3 and 4) we are told to send additional pupils to the library on a rotational basis to work. Luckily this is rarely a problem with absences etc. We have the limit set at 18 for A'level just because it's more manageable to teach and monitor work with that number, let alone from a practical point of view. If class sizes get any bigger than this at KS4 and 5 it is incredibly hard to keep up with marking of projects.

  15. I like the idea of sending some to the library.

    I'd rather talk to the parent about over-crowding than to the HSE about how it all went wrong.

    At the end of the day you are the professional and it's up to you to decide what's safe and what's not, and it's up to your employer to ensure that you're trained to an appropriate level to make that decision.

    Of course, at the beginning of the day, when that class turns up on your doorstep...!
  16. Hey, Dressmate - you seem to have plenty of room in your posting. Maybe you could use that?
    No on Roll - 1000
    KS3 20/21
    KS4 20/21

    Number can creep up with EAL students starting late.
  17. At our school the average at KS3 is around 26 although the biggest class is 33 and the next 31. No full time technician either. Our KS4 classes are less than 20.
  18. Erm...thats horrid, but we got 33. Ugh, making me have a mental breakdown since the issues in that class are horrendous.....Anger Management issues etc. Great fun.

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