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Class options for 2011.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by regencyrob, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Maybe tell the head all of the above?

    might be very supportive?
  2. I would wait and see what the HT has to say to you first, my advice would be not to agree to anything but ask to think any proposals over before you make any hasty decisions.
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would tell him/her all of the above as well. Well assuming yours is supportive like mine and a good and decent person.

    Say you absolutely want to move to a new year group and give her some ideas of which you would prefer. Don't look back over this year, we all have rubbish years from time to time, but look forward to next year. What do you want to do and where?

    Do you still want to leave or is there something you could do in your school that would make life there better for you?

    Think positively about the future and go in confidently asking for what you need.
  4. Thanks guys, your advice has been of great help. I will wait to see what my head teacher has to say first and take it from there.
    I guess at this stage I do want to stay but I really do need a change of year group. Hopefully with a new year group things will be better next year.
  5. Dub - the grass is not always greener etc etc - you sound really down.
    What age group have you got now? What age group would you like to take and why?

    Hope you are okay.
  6. I am ok as the more I talk about it the more it helps. I am certainly less stressed about things at work than what I used to be.
    I teach Year 5 at the moment and would like to have a go at Year 3 or 4. Have taught Year 2 before and would be happy to teach that year group again. I guess all I can do is let my head know I want a change of year group and see what happens.
  7. Good luck with it dub, hope it all works out for you. Remember you are two thirds of the way through the school year now. Do you have a supportive staff?

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