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class mascot-literacy ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by AMJ333, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. AMJ333

    AMJ333 New commenter

    For Christmas I adopted my class an snow leopard (one of the packs from W H Smiths which comes with the cuddly toy). When I did this last year with my year 2 class, the toy would go home each evening with a child in a small rucksack with a diary for them to write/draw about what they had got up to with 'Jerry the giraffe' (was often something simple like a swimming lesson or trip to the park).
    My new class are year 5 but have responded very enthusiastically to the idea of taking it in turns to take home their new mascot. I am keen to include a diary/notebook for them to do some sort of writing, however, I'm not sure quite how to direct this. Do I continue with the diary idea, try some sort of cumulative story, or something else? I want it to be something enjoyable, not onerous, and the range of ability in my class is obviously quite wide (2b-5c) so I don't want to draw too much attention to my less able children's differences.
    Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
    Thank you!!
  2. My year 5 class have a mascot, and an accompanying book called 'The Adventures of.....'. The book is simply a scrapbook - no lines or paper which require certain types of activity. I simply ask the children to put something in the adventure book. The range of ideas has been fantastic. We have had diary extracts, photo montages, comic strips, written stories, basic animation, photoshop comic strips, powerpoints which have been printed, made up certificates for things the mascot has completed and many many more. Its a great way for the children to do something they want to do, and last years book was very highly praised by inspectors and county visitors. I just felt it gave the kids chance to show off their skills - almost like our very own Jolly Postman book by the end of the term, and everyone had contributed.
  3. AMJ333

    AMJ333 New commenter

    Great ideas thank you. How long did each child get to have the mascot/fill in the scrapbook? Any suggestions for what to do with one boy in my class who has a very difficult home life and anything which goes home with him (letters, reading book, homework etc) rarely returns. Don't want to leave him out but can imagine the other kids lynching him if he lost/damaged the mascot or scrapbook!
  4. Generally one child has the book from tues - thurs (ish!!) and another has the book during the weekend. Sometimes children have teamed up and taken the mascot to an event that several of the class are attending (Cub camps etc). The only thing i can think with your particular pupil is to maybe engineer the timings so he could write about the mascot on either a trip or residential, or a whole school event maybe?

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