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Class Management Advice ...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinkflipflop, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. You need to keep stopping them until they learn and understand your expectations. Make sanctions very clear an always followthem. As for hands just don't even entertain them. I always say to my year twos that they need to put their hands down unless it is absolutely urgent and must be heard or answered immediately.

    If you continue to work while the noise level is too high then they will always think that what they are doing is perfectly acceptable. You are the one incharge and you really need to put all te effort and groundwork in now or you will really struggle to change them later down the line.
  2. Some techniques i have used:
    Annoying as it may be pick out the characters who are doing the "right thing" in a loud voice and go over the top about how they are focused, working quietly etc soon it trickles through to the others.
    Do not always shout/talk loudly, use a very quiet voice and they have to lower the noise level.
    I have bought "winners" medals for the tables and i award them to the quietest table if after one session another table is quieter they can then claim the winners medal and wear them for that session.
    In some foundation subjects i used to play music quietly (david Sides piano music, can be found on youtube) but would only do this if they were quiet they couldn't go above the music. They quite liked this as he covers songs from the charts.
    In numeracy i would make sure that you give them a chance to use talk partners so they can chatter then (obvioulsy focused on numeracy) but get it out of their system so when you ask for silent/quiet work it may be more successful.
    Alternatively seens as though we are at the beginning of term the harsh approach which i have used and has worked is for every minute of my time they waste by talking too loudly being noisy when i have asked for quiet/silence i keep a tally on the board and at break time sit with a sand timer until they pay back the minutes of silence. Could be considered quite old fashioned (and i am not an old fashioned teacher) but they soon get the message.
    Do you have a TA? I only ask because surely in numeracy you could support a group and keep the noise level under wraps, so could they and the third group should be managed by little reminders from yourself.
    Hope some of these are helpful x
  3. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    You must stick to the sanctions you have laid down if they do not adhere to your rules - don't weaken at this stage in the term - they are testing you.
    If you have three groups for maths, does that mean that two groups are working on their own? Try whole class teaching for a little while with adapted tasks for ability until you can trust them to get on.
    You must make it clear that you will not respond to hands up if it is an inappropriate time - do not give them a chance to interupt. 'I haven't asked a question, please put down your hand' if you have to say anything at all - but don't get into a discussion about it.
    Can you speak to the previous teacher and ask how they were last year? What sanctions did they have, is there a school policy?
    Is there a senior member of staff you can ask to help you? Perhaps they could sit in for some of your lessons and give advice.
    Good luck.
  4. I also do paid back time and it works very quickly. They have to be completely silent during that time too. If aomeone chats we go back to the start again.
  5. marniott

    marniott New commenter


    Don't let annoy you - it is just a matter of time until you can sort the problem out (and YOU will do!)

    Try to take a little time to listen to what the chatter is about. Is there a recurring theme? Is the work being set too hard/easy for the groups? Are they just chatting? As some of the other posters have said don't entertain the hands up - the class need to realise when (and when not) to speak AND at what volume.

    I am a great believer in using Circle Time to promote the social skills of all the classes I have had. I usually try to play games where they HAVE to listen in order to complete the game. Not only does this build self awareness it also "gels" the class and has helped me with my classroom management.

    First and foremost, make your expectations known to the children - don't be afraid to tell them straight - and stick to them. Consistency is the key here.

    Just my thoughts here but they may help.

    Also, I have a brilliant Circle Time book but can't remember the author (it is in school) I will write it down tomorrow and post you the name/title

    Hope this helps,

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