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Class group names

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ninek, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. ninek

    ninek New commenter

    What do you call the groups/tables in your class? For example numeracy groups are always named after 3D shapes but I am sure that there are some very creative names out there.
  2. I use authors for Literacy groups and they loved it (Year 2 though)
  3. Pink n Fluffy

    Pink n Fluffy New commenter

    In Numeracy you could call then pretty much anything eg addition, subtraction, multiplication etc or pictograms, tally, bar etc. My literacy groups are all insects and I have film characters for my topic groups but I am in Yr1 so like to keep it fun.
  4. tigeresslady

    tigeresslady New commenter

    I'm boring mine are colours red, blue, yellow, purple and green. I'm takng my class up to y3 in september and think i will get them to choose what they want.
  5. Coming up with group names is one of my favourite things! I like to theme things, and one year I had a planet theme: Literacy groups were named after constellations, Numeracy groups named after moons of Jupiter and mixed ability groups named after planets.

    Another year I had the mixed ability groups named after the houses from Harry Potter (though we also had to have a "Hogwarts" group as we had 5 groups), Literacy groups were named after creatures from HP (Hippogriff etc) and Numeracy groups were named after teachers from HP (McGonegall, Dumbledore etc). The children absolutely LOVED this, but I could never remember which group was which, and had to have it all up on a big display!

    I am less inspired at the moment, with my mixed ability groups named after big cats. I have dreams of having animal print banners hanging above each table with the name of the group on it.
  6. I try and use names that link in with topics, so this year we've had
    the birches, oaks, sycamores and pines;
    the pterodactyls, TRexs, brontosaurus and triceratops;
    the Sherwoods, the Foresters, The Sherrifs and the Merry Men;
    The Jousters, The Knights, The Squires and the Pages

    ..... etc etc.
    Colleagues of mine use types of sea creatures, planets, countries (might be good with the Olympics) famous inventors and at another school one teacher used minibeasts and his class were
    The Grubs, The Maggots, The Worms, The Flies and The Toads. He loved saying 'Sit down, you maggots'!!
  7. Link to your topic, but make sure there's an order that's obvious to you so you can work out which group is higher ability etc quickly and easily. E.g. planets can go in order of the Solar System, shapes can go in order of number of sides, animals can go in size order (but obviously be careful with goats, pigs, cows, rats etc, tempting though it may be...)
  8. I've called all of mine after famous mathematicians/scientists. After all, they may be not quite as good as someone else in the class, but that doesn't omit them from coming up with a brilliant idea in the future. - fibonacci, pythagorus, leibniz, archimedes, gauss. Makes it hard for supply though, I guess.
  9. ninek

    ninek New commenter

    Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    As I will be starting next year with the Romans I think Roman gods will be great for group names.
  10. McMoose you could have slugs as an alternative to flies, or snakes, or snails, or bugs or woodlice ....

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