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class assembly - reception class - please help!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by becajp, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Hi
    Ive got a class assembly to do on the 17th March with my Reception class (27kids). Last time we acted out the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' which was brill. But this time I have no idea, our topic this term is 'Animals'. Any ideas /suggestions would be much appreciated as I'm really stuck.

  2. Hi
    Ive got a class assembly to do on the 17th March with my Reception class (27kids). Last time we acted out the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' which was brill. But this time I have no idea, our topic this term is 'Animals'. Any ideas /suggestions would be much appreciated as I'm really stuck.

  3. i did a great one about Noahs Ark. It was very simple but effective. Lots of dancing and 'ah'
    moments too! I'm happy to share with you if you give me your email - won't have access to it though until monday at school if its any use!
  4. hi becajp
    i love thinking up assemblies!! unfortunately my school dont do class assemblies which im quite sad about hope fully i can think of something to help you! Animals is quite a wide topic! could your class not be divided into the different animal groups and dress up/make these animals and talk about them, i think there must be loads of songs about animals or peoms that could be recited?? there is a wicked song i sing with my class called the animal boogie that talks about animals in the jungle which might be nice to do or you could base it around the zoo and animals there? the kids could paint their fave animals and talk about them there are loads of songs and poems about he zoo and some books too?? or it could be about their pets? fave domestic animals you could make a pictograph and talk about your class findings about the pets your class have, maybe some could come in for the assembly although not too sure about health and safety??? getting parents into help their child talk about their pet could be nice? these are just a few ideas i hope it helps?!
  5. Hi, i hope you don't mind becajp, I am an NQT and would love your help. i would like to take the opportunity to ask about an assembly I have to do on the 13th on 'people who help us' - does anyone know any songs for this? thought I could also include working together in order to help each other...what do you think? any help would be great, thanks
  6. Hi there

    Not linked to your 'animals' but, we are doing ours that week too as it is Mother's Day on the 22nd March we are doing it about that. Could you do this? I was thrilled when learnt that I could. Google Mother's Day assemblies/songs, there are loads out there!

    Failing that, our Year 1 class did an amazing assembly on 'Giraffe's Can't Dance'. The teacher had prepared music for each type of dance mentioned and some of the chn danced to each one appropriately - jive, waltz, tango etc, it was brilliant.

    Good Luck
  7. Both 'Giraffes Can't Dance' and 'The Animal Boogie' books are available with CDs that have all the appropriate music for a fab assembly. We have done the Animal Boogie previously with the children divided into groups of the different animals to do the dance and song- like a previous poster suggested. Then the children wrote riddles to read out for the audience to guess which animal they were describing e.g. I have a long neck. I am tall etc. The audience and the children involved really enjoyed this :eek:) I have also seen a great performance of Giraffes Cant Dance (that includes lovely PSED discussion point) as described above.
    Have fun!!
  8. Hello
    I have been reading your previous posts and some great ideas - could you offer any ideas for mine?! I am thinking of doing an adapted version of 'we're going on a bear hunt' except the children are doing their journey to school (to link in with our journeys topic). Can anyone think of any any good ways to do this or any good songs? little stuck to know where to start!
  9. Hi, I read your message about the Noahs Ark assembly and wondered if I could have a copy. Im really looking for the ah factor so yours sounds great!!!
  10. It seems everyone is getting on the band wagon with what sounds like a fab assembly! Any chance I could have a copy too, sorry to be cheeky! If there is anything you need I'd be happy to try to help :)
    Thank you
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  11. You could use 'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' It is a great PSED story. We did it in Nursery with the whole class reciting the story. Some children were the characters and acted out the story. The good fairy hand an umbrella and simple mask. I had three Good Fairies in the end as I wanted more children to participate.We made masks so everyone turned into a Goonie at the end. We linked in a Bible reading about friends and a prayer about being a good friend (We are a C of E school). I can't remember the song we sung at the end.

  12. We just did one last week - Mrs Wishy Washy, with actions! It wasn't a big assembly as I only work the 2nd half of the week so didn't get time to plan much. But the children joined in with the story and did actions all the way through, for the animals and various bits and then showed some paintings from the story. Short and sweet but animal related!
    I also think Noah's Ark would be fab!
  13. Hello I know you posted this quite a while back now but would it be possible to also have your ideas on the Noahs Ark assembly as i am really stuck?
    my email is thea_ele@hotmail.com.
    many thanks :)
  14. Just been trying to think of animal themed assemblies as have already done Bear Hunt and Dear Zoo. I know it was a while ago that you posted to say you'd used Noah's Ark as your theme, but wondered if you still have it whether you could email it to me please at this address.


    Many thanks
  15. I have just come across your post about your Noah's Ark assembly. I know you did it a few years ago but wondered if you still have a copy. I would be really grateful if you have. My Email is kathjones75@aol.co.uk
  16. doctorinthetardis

    doctorinthetardis New commenter

    My kids have a class assembly on Friday and we are doing the Jazziest version of the Three Little Pigs I have ever heard. Go to Itunes and download Eric Litwin's story song of the three little pigs, I can't even describe how good it is!
    I am having 4 wolves and 3 pigs at each house. The kids love the songs in it and the music is literally toe tapping jazz!! Eric Litwin is the guy who does 'Pete the Cat' and I LOVE his version of the three Little Pigs. It costs like 79 pence or something and I will use it EVERY year!!! He also has a great version of We're going on a bear hunt.
    Also, Amin for people who help us there is a great song by the British council on youtube here
  17. Thanks a lot i have bought it as well , as you said it is very catchy children will love it . nice and easy :) thanks again
  18. Hi, I know this was a long time ago, but is there any chance you still have the Noah's ark assembly and could send it to me?
  19. Why don't your query, at a staff meeting, why your reception class is expected to present an assembly.
    These children are 4 - 5 years of age.
    In most European counties these children would still be in a nursery or at home.

    Why are we being pressurised into making children grow up so quickly?

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