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Class assembly ideas for year 6...any ideas??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eggles, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. I find it really hard to plan class assemblies and found it even harder for year 6. Really would hate to do something that year 3 could pull off! Any ideas?
    Thank you in advance
  2. I find it really hard to plan class assemblies and found it even harder for year 6. Really would hate to do something that year 3 could pull off! Any ideas?
    Thank you in advance
  3. SleighBelle

    SleighBelle Occasional commenter

    Hand it over to the children. Give them a timescale and a topic and tell them to plan, source/make props and costumes and perform it. They are old enough to be able to do that, will relish the responsibility and will enjoy it a whole lot more than trotting out some nonsense that your addled brain has cobbled together.

  4. I used the who wants to be a millionaire template from Primary Resources and did a viking themed edition. I used the starter of a boy from our class falling asleep dreaming of vikings and answering all the questions in his dream. For each question we had children acting out the answer. eg if the q was about Viking long houses we had a skit about an estate agent showing people around a viking house.. so each child had a part to play and there was a lot of factual info and a lot of humour.
  5. Write a sequel to last year's school play. You could even make it a trilogy, covering 2 assemblies. Hell, you could go like Star Wars and make 5 or 6 assemblies out of it.
  6. I did an MFL assembly with my year 6 class last year and it was great fun - I recommend it! The children loved the challenge of learning their lines in French, and the Head liked the fact that we were embracing a new subject!
    We went for a story line that was loosely inspired by High School Musical - all the children were in different interest groups but didn't get along (although obviously, in HSM-style, they got there in the end!). It meant they could all show off their different interests (We like dancing, we like skateboarding, we like playing the piano, etc) and it was easy to write as the actual lines were quite repetitive, just changed to fit each interest! At the end they all sang Briser Mes Chaines, which is the French version of Breaking Free from the HSM films.
    I'm already thinking about some other potential themes that would suit a French assembly for next year.
  7. I enjoyed the French class assembly I did with my year 4 class the year before last. The parents said it was the best assembly they had seen. They were a fantastic class and spoke clearly, entertaining the audience. I like the idea but in our school the assemblies are out celebrating the work we have done in as many subjects as possible so think i'll go with the Victorian theme. I love the idea and thinking ahead to Spring term. Thank you
  8. Hi Mrs Grinling, I love this idea because it would include alot of subjects. I was wondering if you can tell me more about the questions you asked and how a group of children acted them out. I was thinking about asking questions on the following areas: Victorian houses, dress, inventions, famous people, children and toys. I would love to see your script if this is at all possible. I will leave my email lovellin@hotmail.com Thank you
  9. I have emailed you my script but it would work brilliantly with the Victorians.
    I had two kids as mother and child, and one as Chris Tarrant. All the others provided the answers to the questions through a litttle role play. It should make sense once you see the script.. I hope!!! Email me if it doesn't!
  10. Hi - your assembly sounds fantastic - a great one to motivate the children early in the year.
    Any chance of a copy please?
    Thanks in advance
  11. Hi - I agree that involving the children is a brilliant idea, although i do find these class assemblies for parents pretty stressful and time consuming so was glad to find this pre-prepared one last autumn. Here is the link - this worked really well last year with my year 6 class and it was a good opportunity to preview your good actors in advance of the Xmas play etc. I taught the science forces unit alongside the assembly and this really supported the learning. The children enjoyed the play too - it combines the fact sharing with little props/activities with a mini-myth to perform so I made sure every single child had a role of some sort - I do think this creates an attitude for the year whereby you and the children are all in it together - at least it's worked so far for me!
    Thought I'd already posted this so apologies if it appears twice.
    The play I was after was the MFL one by the way!!
    Hope this helps...it's free!
  12. I know exactly what you mean now Mrs grinling. I have started to think about the type of questions to ask and therefore for children to act out. It must of took you ages to put together, the questions and responses are really good. I hope my responses are that good, I tried last night but i'm obviously in holiday mode!!! I might even hand over the responses to the children they always seem to come up with better ideas!! I'm not intending to do the assembly until after the half term so got plenty of time. Thank you so much, it was a really kind thing for you to do.
    Eggles x
  13. Glad it makes sense- actually it was all scribbled on the back of an envelope whilst waiting to have blood tests! Sometimes working under pressure is best! Good luck. I think you could do nice skits about schooling, child workers, clothing etc
  14. Hi Mrs Grinling
    Your millionaire assemby idea sounds great. I too am looking for ideas (possibly Victorians as well!) and would love to see a copy of your script if possible to help get me started - I've got about 3 weeks til I have to do my assembly and I'm struggling!
    Thanks in advance
  15. Hi Mrs Grinling, I am trying to do a viking class assembly and loved your idea. I am rubbish at the creative stuff and would love to use some of your ideas if possible. I have included my email - beckymaxwell76@hotmail.com and was wondering if you could give me some ideas for possible questions and scenarios. Many thanks :)[​IMG]
  16. Hello, you're idea sounds amazing and I was wondering too whether you wouldn't mind sending me the script. I am really struggling for ideas for our class assembly and this is a great basis. Thanks in advance

  17. Hi,
    I have a class assembly in a couple of weeks and love the sound of your Vikings who wants to be a millionnaire script. Would it be at all possible for you to email me a copy of it (if you still have it?!) I would REALLY appreciate it, as I'm so snowed under with work at the moment. My email address is kika0784@yahoo.co.uk.
    Many thanks
  18. Hay, I see that you have come up with some great assemblies. I'm currently trying to think of an assembly to do with Love (St Valentines) for year. I was wondering if you have an suggestions on what I could do?

    Would be great to hear from you. My email address is z_marriott@hotmail.com.
    Kind Regards
    Zoey Marriott
  19. This sounds perfect for what I need! Might there be any chance of you posting more details, or a script if you have one? Many thanks
  20. neag

    neag New commenter

    hi Mrs Grinling have been looking for a great idea for my P6 assembly on Vikings; I came across your idea and really liked it. I think it would be a brilliantly way of involving all the children. I would really appreciate it if you still had a copy of your script if you could email it to me at jgilmore@talktalk.net. Thanks I think my children would just love this.

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