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Clarification of the current application process

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by EmilyStar, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Can anyone shed any light as to what is happening with current applications. I was under the impression that all training providers had received the number of places they could allocate to us back in February. Is this still the case or is funding for places still trickling through to different providers. I have been placed on a waiting list by my first choice. I altered my second choice to a different provider via the GTTR on 22 February who has vacancies still but I've not heard anything from them at all. I'm filling in TA job applications as I don't want to be left with potentially nothing come September but then I don't want to start a job then resign if I'm offered a PGCE place. If the Uni's have their place allocations why can they not treat us with some respect and let us know what is happening - get us in for interviews, offer us places or just turn us down. I've never had a year in such limbo. I'm so stressed at not knowing what to do for the best. Sorry for the rant but I've never applied for a PGCE before. Is this delaying process all normal?
  2. Hi, will try and answer your questions...[
    Yes they were
    Some places may not know for definite about their places as some providers are swapping e.g. one uni who may only have 5 places for history may think there's not much point running that course, so ring another uni and say do you want our 5 history places in exchange for your 5 geography places. That is what I have picked up on here i think! So some places may be looking to swap to make their course allocations for some subjects bigger and others smaller.
    it still hasn't been that long, so give it time. they have a maximum time to give a decision to you so that if you are rejected you can move on - ring gttr if you want to know when that is.
    sensible idea!
    i got an email confirming my place at 8pm so some ppl are working really late! you could always ring and see, but like i said 3 wks isnt that long compared to some ppl.
    unfortunately your case is not unusual, loads of ppl are going through this. but dont think its normal from previous years, just due to funding etc.
    Hope that helped, sure other ppl with have things to add. Don't give up! Good luck x
  3. Thank you for answering :). It's just such a difficult time for all of us who don't know what we are doing! Good luck to everyone.
  4. nikkipops

    nikkipops New commenter

    " I altered my second choice to a different provider via the GTTR on 22 February who has vacancies still but I've not heard anything from them at all. "

    Unfortunately, the GTTR only allows you to apply to one provider at a time. If you still haven't had a decision from your first choice, your application will not have been sent on to anywhere else.

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