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City & Guilds Cert/Diploma for ICT users - help???

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by MrDarcyswife, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. MrDarcyswife

    MrDarcyswife New commenter


    Can anyone help with some basic information...

    I didn't realise that City and guilds were still taught but I have moved schools and this has to now be introduced by me! I am an experienced OCR and BTEC teacher. Does the course have to be taught in the same manner with a folder of evidence, assignments briefs and scenarios?

    Reading the spec, the evidence required for level 2 does not seem to be very much at all. Is there anyone familiar with the course that can verify this information for me?

    Does OCR have sample materials/SOW etc? I cant seem to find much on their website as yet....

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated

  2. Can you give us the qualification number? Some of the titles are so similar it's difficult to be sure what you're talking about without the actual number (e.g. 7574). If you're looking at ITQ then OCR allows you to use CLAiT papers which mean you don't need a portfolio (although students tend to need a lot of practise to attain the required accuracy). Otherwise, for QCF qualifications the objectives are based on the NOS so they're the same for both boards and I would expect you'd need to produce a similar portfolio of evidence for each (although OCR do prescribe how many examples of each task are required on their evidence checklists for ITQ).
  3. MrDarcyswife

    MrDarcyswife New commenter

    Hi and thanks for replying.

    It is 7574 and we are focusing on Digital media..... Does CLAIT cover this?

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