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City and Guilds functional skills

Discussion in 'English' started by Lucymci, May 6, 2019.

  1. Lucymci

    Lucymci New commenter

    Starting a new job tomorrow - so excited by the new challenge. I will be teaching English functional skills to 16 - 24 year olds and would be grateful to hear from anyone following the City & Guilds syllabus. Any lesson plans and where to best find resources most welcome. I've got my head round the spec but as I will be the only English teacher I really would like to make some connections.
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    First, remember these are people in adult bodies with the academic attainment of a 12 year old. You may have temper tantrums and behaviour that a 12 year old would exhibit. Some will have been told repeatedly that they are 'thick' and will be disengaged with education. Many will have learning difficulties - make sure you know what these are, get them assessed and get access arrangements in place.
    I haven't taught FS for years. There are loads of resources on skillsworkshop. Many of them suited to the vocational areas which students are interested in. e.g. animal care, car mechanic. I also dipped into primary resources both on here and on other sites.
    Most exam boards have a sample SOW for you to work from.
    I have taught FS as both a 10 week course and a 2 week intensive course.
    FS students were some of the nicest that I taught and once you get into the swing of things it will be a doddle.
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  3. fred1964

    fred1964 New commenter

    I teach this. Are you teaching Levels 1&2? I've got loads I can tell you. You know they're removing spell-check and dictionary access for exams in September, so make sure you're covering spelling discretely as well as in the context of their writing.
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  4. Lucymci

    Lucymci New commenter

    Hi Fred,
    Thanks for your reply. I'm teaching ESOL mainly, which is my "thing" but at some point I'll be doing FS from Entry level 1, to Level 2 so anything you can share would be appreciated. I've been teaching in mainstream school for the last 10 years - mostly English literature and language to GCSE.
    Cheers, Lucy
  5. fred1964

    fred1964 New commenter

    I use lots of topical hooks for writing, especially with articles and speeches. When you're setting them that task, use the exam format for framing the question. Keep speaking & listening simple: do lots of it and frame the topic on the board in a similar way to L1 writing exams, with bulleted points that could be included, and find a hook in an article or something that the group can read beforehand for prep. the L2 presentation I'd keep simple too - I get them to around five or six images as visual aids for their topic. Don't underestimate how important cultural references are in the reading, and some, particularly foreign nationals, may not get them. Do lots of practice with idioms - an idioms dictionary is useful for quizzes, and lots and lots of work on rhetorical devices / language techniques for L2. Best of luck!
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