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City and Guilds Creative Techniques

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by playstationlara, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Wondering if anyone delivers C&G Creative Techniques 7111 Portfolio building and can give me a bit of advice as I haven't delivered C&G before, ideally looking for an example SOW if anyone is willing to share?
  2. Please take note playstationlara and any other sporadic posters out there - when asking for help it is customary to say please and thank you. Perhaps I am just old fashioned but the lack of manners encountered on these threads just puts my back up.
  3. I am very polite and would always thank anyone that helped me - not that I have to justify my posts to you. Rather hypocritical calling someone a 'sporadic poster' and questioning my manners! The purpose of a forum is to share and contribute to threads. What you describe as sporadic may be very relevant to others. If it is of no interest to yourself I suggest you reply elsewhere! THANK YOU.
  4. Ah, I think perhaps you are unfamiliar with the term sporadic and took it to be an insult. No, it means occurring infrequently, which describes your posting rate. So nothing hypocritical there then.
    Indeed the purpose of these threads is to share and contribute - but I maintain that when requesting help you have the courtesy to, at the very least, say please and thank you.
    Your request may well have been relevant to someone else........but nobody answered did they? Perhaps they were put off by your tone. Retaliating like this does not help your cause.


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