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Circus theme KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cb52, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Anyone done this as project? sounded exciting idea 6 months ago now a little unsure!
  2. What would you like them to learn?
  3. IPC (International Primary Curriculum) have a whole topic on the Circus. The schools buy into the scheme and use it alongside or instead of QCA. You may have to ask around for people who have it.
    We had a circus theme day at my last school when we were closing to amalgamate. We had a circus group come in for the day and teach the children circus skills via workshops ... juggling, plate spinning, acrobatics, etc.
    We made up circus dances to Barnum, watched cirque de soleil and wrote about being a performer and designed clown faces for masks. (Be careful with that one .... my TA had a clown phobia!!!!)
    Hope this helps
  4. Many thanks!
  5. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Last year we had an arts week and it was themed on the circus.
    I watched the take that tour ( as they were dressed up as clowns) and we looked at pictures of this and this lead to lots of talk then descriptive writing with different writing ideas. Eg what in inside the box. Why are the clowns sad / happy? What has just happened?
    In maths we did combinations - 5 feet, 5 legs, 5 bodies, 5 heads - how manch different clowns can you make
    Year 5/6 in our school also looked at some old fashioned circus poster ( I think they were polish) and they recreated them. I think they also looked at the history of the circus
    Also you could do persuasive arguments for animals in circus'
    Persuasive posters to visit the circus
    You could discus Cirque de soleil
    In PE you could do some acrobatics or learn some circus tricks (we had someone come in to teach the kids alot of tricks)
    Do some miming work in drama
    Not sure what age you have but could you not do some work on how a cirucs travels (thinking more for older children). Poss use maps to see how to get from different locations, how long will it take etc
    Hope some of these ideas are useful
  6. Teaching y4 and many thanks for your ideas!!!
  7. I could send you a Clown Board Game that I made - can be used for reading or spelling of words, number bonds, tables etc..
  8. You could have an outcome where the children put on a "Circus" so all the learning would be centred on this. History of Circus, you could have a display at the "Circus", children would have to design posters, programmes. In PE/dance you would be learning routines. You could find out about living things in the Circus and look at welfare issues (which again you could then display).
  9. One idea for a text to include - The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo includes a circus during the story.

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