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circus skills

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by julia pearl, May 9, 2008.

  1. Forward roll through a hoop?
  2. We did a really successful circus week at our school once - it was brill! The circus expert had all year groups learning different skills, but Reception was a flea circus! It was so cool - there was a copy of every circus act but in miniature....Tightrope walkers with little umbrellas going along skipping ropes. Streamer twirlers, children bouncing on mini-trampolines, clowns parading, acrobats doing forward rolls, lion tamers and lions with hand-shapes cut from yellow paper on a crown to be a mane, snake charmers, seals balancing balls on their noses (balloons attached to head dress)...It was just a circus in mini! There was a ringmaster...you get the gist! You could also have fire breathers (tinsel on the ends of sticks which the children can blow/firey hoops to jump through) and magicians pulling flowers/rabbits from sleeves.

  3. thanks, some excellent ideas there! Looking forward to it now!
  4. what about baton twirling or streamers om the end of a stick ( I am not sure what these are called but it is easy to make your own)

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