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CIE igcse 0522- overall grade

Discussion in 'English' started by lovely_lorz, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    Hi all,
    I'm really confused!
    I have some students who are doing the written coursework unit and the Speaking and listening coursework and have achieved B grades (or sometimes A grades) in these units. If I enter them for Core paper for reading can they achieve higher than C overall if the coursework and S&L bring up their overall marks count? Or are they limited to a C overall?

    I'm using the PiXL trackers and it won't work out a fine grade higher than a C for these students and now I'm concerned about if this is a fault with the spreadsheet or if this is the reality?

    I hope this makes sense!!
  2. madmother

    madmother New commenter


    If they are entered for core then the highest grade they can be awarded is a C grade. If they are to have a chance of getting a higher grade than that then they need to take the extended paper.

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