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CIE Geography AS Level Results 2013

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Somhairle, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Dear all,

    This has been my second year of teaching and my first teaching A-levels and GCSE. My school are with Cambridge International Examinations. The geography results have historically been very strong since the previous HoD came (and left at the end of last year) and this year, for the most part, was also a good idea. The IGCSE results are excellent and the A2 results are also excellent.

    The AS results are not. I could not have been further off in my predicted grades for most of my students. Many of my weaker students have come out with A's and B's and I've had very strong students get E's. My strongest student got her A but none of my other strong students got anywhere close to what I was expecting. Three achieved U's (one was expected, the others were not) and this was surprising as Cambridge grade boundaries seem to be quite low so they must have really screwed up but they knew the subject well. Students who got A's and B's in their other subjects have come out with D's and E's for geography.

    I worked hard with the AS group - much more than with my other exam classes. I did a lot of one-on-one tuition and plenty of exam question practice with them. I enjoyed teaching the class and they were a really great class to teach; much easier than my A2s who seemed impossible to motivate at times. My AS students seemed happy with the exam and didn't think it was as hard as some of the practice papers they did.

    As such, I am surprised and very dissapointed in their results. Many students who wanted to take A2 are now dropping the subject because they think they are bad at it. It looks like I'll have a small A2 class this year.

    Some other teachers have said the papers should be remarked but it is an expensive option and it isn't just one or two surprises - there are many. Is there a chance there has been a mixup or perhaps there really has been poor marking of the exam papers?

    Have any other teachers experienced this? Any advice?

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