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cie Checkpoint English set texts?

Discussion in 'English' started by cuppacoffee, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. cuppacoffee

    cuppacoffee New commenter

    I've been offered a job teaching KS3 English (years 8 and 9) at a school abroad which is going to start the cie exams. I have very little idea of what to expect re resources at the school.
    I've Googled the Checkpoint English books and the blurb for the students' books appears to promise that if you buy the books, you don't need any extra resources. Does this really mean that the course book is enough for students to pass the course and that there's no need to supplement the books with extra texts/novels/plays? Or would I have to make sure the school also has a selection of class sets of novels/plays etc? (If so, does anyone know what's recommended reading for stages 8 and 9 of the cie secondary 1 syllabus?)

    It's best to find out before going abroad as I won't be able to nip into Waterstones at the weekend! Thanks in advance for any help/tips/advice
  2. You will need to look on the CIE website, at Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme.
    Your school should be able to give you a password to access the teachers´material.

    There are full schemes of work for Y7,8 and 9, plus recommendations for literature. Although there aren´t set texts, the pupils should study a variety of types of text, for example, Gothic, Diary, and so forth.
    You can then choose books which match the genre for each age/stage.

    Depending where you are going, Amazon do a great overseas service, and your new school will no doubt have their own supplier.
    My advice is to get a Kindle before you go.
  3. cuppacoffee

    cuppacoffee New commenter

    Thank you for the info
    That's a good idea about the Kindle-time to get one
    Thank you again

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