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Chucking out old resources...

Discussion in 'English' started by ceehorse, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. ceehorse

    ceehorse New commenter

    About to chuck out all my AQA poetry resources - I'll never need them again...will I? Suddenly very nervous - it goes against the grain to throw away old resources. I've been taching AQA for what seems like a hundred years now!
  2. hold your horses!
    just have a think about where u might make use for them
    e.g. we have a culture poetry unit in yr9 and some old anthology stuff will be useful for that / we also do a short story unit in yr9 and the likes of Your Shoes is handy for that/ poss Flight etc too
    the laboratory/ my last duchess etc may be useful for Lit/ ELH link stuff?

    just worth thinking about
    i've just kept the very best bits of our old stuff and then had a good clear out

  3. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    Agree totally Medina!
    I am loathed to chuck it out; spent lots of my time and own money on these resources. New WJEC spec allows me to choose Catrin and On My First Sonne for CA, amongst a handful of others.
    I have, however, tidied and sorted them so that anything on paper that is also saved electronocally has gone in the recycling bin and the rest is sorted into plastic wallets, by poem. OCD methinks!
    Only taught anthology twice and loved it! However, even if I use them again, I will probably adjust them.

  4. sweetie1

    sweetie1 New commenter

    I haven't quite got to the tidying up stage as yet. Too busy playing catch up with marking and controlled assessment planning. I have to say, I've used quite a few old spec resources already with my Year 9 and Year 10 groups and some of them will be downsized to KS3.
    I'm with Liz, I'll be keeping one paper copy of everything and ditching anything I can save electronically. Specs might change, media articles might become outdated, but poetry and prose is always going to be useful!
  5. Hi ceehorse
    Have you thought about uploading any of the resources that you've created to TES Resources so that other teachers might be able to benefit from your experience.
    We've got a competition on the go at the moment to win Pizza Express vouchers for uploading resources.
    Find out how you could win the vouchers

  6. haha my whole dept has ocd so i'm with u on that one

    another thought for the OP - aqa now have unseen poetry section of the exam which means many of the old anthology poems can be re-used in prep for this - the teacher has a huge advantage in already knowing them all very well and gives the kids huge scope to explore many more poems
    also - thanks to aqa sending us 'clean' anthologies every november and june we have loads and loads of anthologies sitting there unused so they may as well be recycled for this purpose

  7. no, no, no!! never, never, never throw anything away. i've been teaching english for what seems like forever and the spec/syllabus has changed a zillion times but texts keep coming back and materials/ideas i had at the beginning of my career become relevant all over again ....
    you can be sure that the poems and stories in those old anthologies will return one day so keep all your notes/lesson plans/resources until you retire and when you do finally retire give them all to an nqt ...
  8. ceehorse

    ceehorse New commenter

    Thank you for your comments! I will creep out to the car under cover of darkness to save lots of books from the charity shop... and hope the OH does not suss what I am doing!

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