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Christmas Production - I know it's early!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by esmith122, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Please help!!
    I've bee asked to write the Christmas production at school. The SLT aren't keen on buying one in so I have to write it myself. I have had a couple of ideas but not sure if they will be easy to write or any good at the end of it!!
    My ideas so far are:
    Christmas around the World
    Some kind of pantomime
    A Christmas Carol as a musical
    Or doing something about the planning of a christmas production.
    The whole school need to be involved from R - Y6, the Reception children have to do a nativity scene at the end and all the other children need to sing a song.
    Any ideas that you have would be really welcomed, I'm beginning to pull my hair out!! [​IMG]
    Thank you so much all you lovely people!!x
  2. Forgot to mention that Year 6 have the speaking parts and the other classes just come on and sing a song.
    Thank you so much in advance!!
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    What year group are you with? In my school, one of the upper KS2 teachers gave her class the start of a play, and they each wrote a dialogue / part of the play (I'm unsure which) And she then read them all and took the good aspects from all of them and turned it into a play.

    If i was you, i'd insist on buying one.
  4. I'm in Reception so not possible for mine to write it but I could suggest it to one of the KS2 teachers. That's a lovely idea actually, then the children would have ownership of it and probably enjoy it a lot more.
    Thank you lillipad!
    Now to find a willing KS2 participant...
  5. What about Christmas through the ages. Start with a modern day Christmas type scene with a modern Christmas song, then go to a sixties Christmas, A war time Christmas, A Victorian Christmas and end with the Navity Scene. Children could dress as the period of the time and include a bit of history about that period.
  6. jubilada

    jubilada New commenter

    Why on earth not? Is it the cost, performance rights etc.. There are so many really good, entertaining and professional productions out there it seems silly to spend time doing this unless you really enjoy it. Getting the older children to write it is a good idea, but they will have to get cracking if you also have to find musical items to fit in and do rehearsals.
    Christmas around the world could be relatively straightforward if you allocate each class a country and tell them to find a christmas song, (but you will have the necessary resources?) narrators can talk about the customs.
  7. I've got a short script of A Christmas Carol which I wrote - I'll email it to you if you like. I've also got a few short Christmas plays I've written, based on other Christmas stories. They're about 10 mins each and I've found it works well to do a few of these with songs or carols in between. It makes rehearsing easy because you can take out a few children at a time to practise. Alternatively, different classes or year groups can each do their own mini-play. Hope this helps.
    Read my blog about teaching (and other stuff) on http://www.inkelephant.com
  8. Hello everyone,
    Thank you so much for your fantastic replies and ideas! Bubblesfan: it would be great if I could have a look at your Christmas Carol script. My email address is esmith122@hotmail.com. Thank you so much.
    We did the Christmas through the ages play last year, it worked really well and the children enjoyed it. We even had the parents joining in with the TimeWarp at the end!
    Christmas around the World is a lovely idea and I'm going to have a look at this over half term and see if I can get some more ideas for it. I'm even resorting to listening to Xmas songs to get inspiration. I'm driving the other half mad! He's not a fan of christmas at the best of times, let alone October!
    Thank you again for all your help.
  9. We do a full blown mega musical production at the end of Autumn term which is absolutely fab every year! It's always a professionally written script/score and the HT does it all! Auditions start in September with rehearsals every week one day after school and then after half term at weekends too. We put on an afternoon performance and two evenings; the best thing is the kids get so involved and you see SEN children taking lead roles because they can act and/or sing so their self esteem soars! As already mentioned the HT takes sole reponsibility for organising the production and the rest of us muck in willingly! ( The best bit is the "after show party" on the last night!!)
  10. Don't know whether you're still thinking about this but when I was at school we did a version of "The Jolly Postman" which worked really well for this kind of structure.Year 6 cast in the main roles (e.g. the jolly postman) and then each class takes one of the fairytale scenarios and has a song (could be nicked from Disney or a musical). The "Jolly Postman" does his rounds and delivers the Christmas post to Cinderella/Snow White/ Goldilocks etc solving minor problems along the way and everyone comes together at the end to celebrate Xmas together/ could all take post to the baby Jesus in the reception nativity scene. I remember really enjoying it!
  11. Just been reading your reply as I too have to write a short play based on Christmas around the world. (or could be christmas in another period in history) Would any of your short plays fit with this? I would appreciate anything you could send me.
  12. Cez24

    Cez24 New commenter

    Hi there Green Cattis-
    Your play sounds so amazing what a lovely idea! Did you buy this play from somewhere or write it yourself?
    Any chance of you sharing it at all? I know its cheeky but I love the idea of it!! Every year the Year 6 have to do a nativity in our school and the reception yr 1 and 2 are just angels that sing a song. i would much prefer it if they were taking more of a role in the nativity as I think Yrs 5/6 could do with more of an acting challenge!!
    I would be so grateful
    My email address is: olipage34@googlemail.com just in case....
    King Regards

  13. Hi. I would be ever so grateful if you could e-mail your Nativity script. Due to a colleagues illness it has been dumped on me!! We have a play but I just need a NICE, simple Tableau. Hope you can help. Thanks
  14. Hi if you could also email me your ideas that would be brilliant as we only have 2 weeks to put something together - I will be eternally grateful!!!


  15. JCR


    Probably too late for you all now, but may do for future reference, but there's a Christmas through the Ages that also looks at christmas traditions at http://magicparrot.co.uk/page3.html Seems ideal for whole school, as different yr groups can take different ages, and yr 6 can take the lead roles.
  16. It's too late for this year now, but in future you should go to the Out of the Ark website at www.outoftheark.com. They have some wonderful nativities for all age groups. I've used their products for years. For whole school or older children they have recently produced a pantomime - Cinderella and Rockerfella - its' so funny and the children just love it.

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