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Christmas Presents for your Class

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Sparky1985, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. I bought all my kids a Roald Dahl book- hoping to keep them reading over the xmas. Bought the books from The Book People as they do RD sets cheap
  2. I also used the book people and bought a set of 10 joke books for £7.99. Although there is one book in the pack that is called 'The farty joke book' and yes it is funny but not sure how the parents will feel!!! What do you think?
  3. Try www.PartyToo.com. They do lots of mini gifts and even put together giftbags and stockings for you. It's amazing and very reliable. I've used them a number of times.
  4. oltob

    oltob New commenter

    Check out: www.greatlittlerewards.co.uk - there are a range of great little xmas stocking fillers,
    including things like 'Happy Christmas from your teacher' pencils: http://www.greatlittlerewards.co.uk/Happy_Christmas_from_your_teacher_Pencils_p/p10225.htm
    Iwako Japanese rubbers, which kids absolutely love: http://www.greatlittlerewards.co.uk/Iwako_Koala_Eraser_p/38046.htm
    mini puzzles and much more: http://www.greatlittlerewards.co.uk/Animal_Mini_Puzzles_p/70310.htm
    P&P is free in the UK and Ireland and, currently orders over £25 qualify for 60 large smelly stickers from the USA (four sheets) absolutely free. 10% off for TES subscribers - use code: TES_10 at checkout (until 25/12/11).
  5. In the past I have bought key ring teddies from our local hospice for £1.00 each. This year they have gone up to £1.50 each making an extra £15.00 so I have found a local fairtrade shop who sell wooden letters that are painted and decorated. I shall give each child one letter that starts their name
    I work in a catholic school and like to encourage the children to think about giving as well as recieving. Giving these gifts and explaining where the money went to buy them seems to do both.
    These are lots of different ones here.
  6. I am a UK trained teacher, now living in Australia. The dilemma about Christmas gifts for students is the same the world over :) I generally make a small fabric stocking and put in a few small gifts (pencil, bookmark, gold chocolate coin, double sided laminated wordsearch/sudoku) then add the students initial to the stocking in felt. They take a little while to make but the results are worth it and I manage to do the lot for under 25 pounds. I also make sure we do a class secret santa each year. That way each student gets a gift in iaddition to what you provide - they seem to think they get a lot then.

  7. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Blimey. Some of you spend quite a bit on your class.
    Do you do the same at the end of the year? Where do you get the money from?
  8. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    A staggering amount, I'd say.
    I find the idea of spending my own money on children in my class a bit weird. I buy presents for family and some of my closest friends. The kids in my class are neither family nor my friends.
    Money from the school budget to buy some wet-playtime board games or maybe some books to add to the book corner - fine.
    My own money - not fine.
    Still. Horses for courses.

  9. I've bought my year 8 form Christmas pencils with a rubber on
    Top and mini Christmas note pads. I just googled them.
  10. I went to IKEA bought the ram (think thats right) wooden frames pack of 3 for £1.69. There are 30 in my class so under £17 for the lot. I plan to jazz the frames up a little bit and print of a picture of them pasted into a elf (http://www.elfyourself.com/ great website) for a little fun!
  11. I think adopting an animal is a lovely idea - really original and unusual!

    I usually buy baubles (pound store) and write each child's name and the date in glitter on it then I stick some christmassy stickers on! I've had y3 for the past 3 years and children who are in y5 say to me they still put the bauble I gave them on their tree! However I've now got children I've taught before so probably can't do the bauble again so thanks for some great ideas!
  12. I've bought notebooks and pencils from the Superstickers web site. They're very reasonable and quick to deliver!
  13. I bought the same pencil rubber set. They're bright and appealing. I bought candy canes to go with them. Some years I make cards. I have some silver and red sparkly net which I cut into triangles (trees), use a piece of silver ribbon for the trunk, glue onto blank cards, put a star sticker on top. They're always popular. The kids like the personal messages I write, commenting on their work, attitude, progress, smiles etc.
  14. What a lovely idea. I am thinking of doing something similar with my Year 1 class. Thankyou for the diary idea.
  15. I have bought a colouring book and small pack of pencils from amazon.
    Pencils were 18p each for 4 crayons (plus 80p p&p per order), and colouring books were £1.13 for 8.

    Girls also getting a little heart bracelet which was 35p each and boys getting a toy plan for 30p each.

    Has cost £22 altogether including p&p for a class of 26 reception children
  16. In the past, I have bought packs of pencils, party bag toys (e.g. yoyos, puzzles, rubbers etc) and choc coins from tesco and then wrapped up 1 toy, a pencil with a few coins. I use them as a lucky dip game.
  17. I brought cheap, plain fairy cakes (about 45p for 12) then iced them myself, Iced on initials/sprinkles and gave one to each child.

    Looked like I'd gone all out, but was cheap and quick!
  18. I've made felt mice bookmarks with candy cane tales for my Year 7 English classes!

    You can find the patterns on the Martha Stewart website - I have tried to copy and paste, but it wouldn't let me, so if you type in Candy Cane mice, then it will send you right to it.

    I bought 4 boxes of candy canes from Poundworld for £1 each, and a large pack of felt for £1 from another £ Shop, plus a couple of pink and brown felt sheets from Hobbycraft for £1.

    I have made 40 felt mice (took 2 hours) and there will be 20 non-mouse canes for those boys who really don't want a book mark.

    They look very cute and Christmassy - total cost £6 for 60 presents!

    Mega-bargain and a cute little bookmark to use in our Reading Scheme classes.
  19. We watch the Polar Express then give each child a sleigh bell and a candy cane, in the film the bell is the first gift of Christmas so we tie our gifts in with that.
    Sainsburys sell a box of six silver or gold sleigh bells for £1.99, currently on 3 for 2, this makes them less than 25p per bell. The candy canes come in a box of 12 from the local pound shop, a total cost of 30p per child (approx.) Something nice to keep for their christmas tree at home and can't be eaten in a matter of minutes.
    Photocopy a template of a christmas bag on card at school then let the kids decorate it/stick it together, fill with the bell and candy cane.
    I also look out in the january sales for boxes of bells for next year's class.
  20. Yellow Moon and Baker Ross are good for multiple goodies that are quite cheap. We are also a Health Promoting school and choccies are not welcome (outside the staffroom!) so this year I've got a pencil and rubber, a wee wooden animal that they have to build ( 50p each from Hawkins Bazaar - another great place to go!) and a stick on tattoo. Have spent about 90p per child. I wrap up girl gifts in one type of paper and boy gifts in another and then give them out with their individual cards.

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