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Christmas Play suggestions......

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missied, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. missied

    missied New commenter

    I've been commissioned to organise the Christmas play this year with Year 4 and wondered if anyone could recommend a play I could buy in. We did Jesus' Christmas Party last year.
    Any suggestions?
  2. digoryvenn

    digoryvenn Lead commenter

    The Roald Dahl revolting rhymes are great musicals, unless you have to do something religious.
  3. rabbitace

    rabbitace New commenter

    You should try Out of the Ark Music, they always have a variety of options.
  4. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter

  5. Amybella

    Amybella New commenter

    I second the "out of the Ark" resources and we have also had a lot of success with the "gottalife" productions too (www.gottalife.com)
  6. missied

    missied New commenter

    Thank you - will follow up those suggestions.
    We don't have to do 'religious' but we had so many positive comments from parents last year that think we'd like to do another 'traditional' in style.
  7. FCarpenter

    FCarpenter New commenter

  8. hquinn2

    hquinn2 New commenter

    As well as Out Of The Ark, try Starshine Music and Redhead Music. All 3 websites are great in that you cane read excerpts of scripts and listen to snippets of songs to see if is the sort of thing you want
  9. missied

    missied New commenter

    Thanks for your suggestion, other thread isn't me, just a coincidence :) Christmas is coming!
  10. missied

    missied New commenter

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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