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Christmas Cards

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Doodyf, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. This year we are making cards in the shape of Christmas puddings. We're painting large circles brown, gluing on cloves, sultanas, sesame seeds and then for the brandy butter are going to glue snow glitter onto thin paper and add this to the top. To finish we are going to add red beads or sequins as holly berries, cut out holly leaves and on the inside we're adding a silver coloured chocolate coin with a label saying " wishing all your Christmas dreams come true". We also are going to stick a picture of the child dressed in their Christmas performance clothes inside the card with their names being written underneath as a memento of their Christmas time in Foundation Stage. Its very simple, very effective and makes the classroom smell amazing!

    Also, we did hand print angels last year. One hand print in blue facing downwards in the middle of the card and a gold hand print facing upwards either side of the blue to represent wings. We then photographed the children and added their faces as the angels. A little gold glitter for the halo and hey presto, one personalised Christmas card.

    Sometimes, the Hobby Craft website has some nice ideas on their on-line library. Might be worth giving that a quick look...
  2. Hi Giggles_88, I just recently posted under resources my Christmas Card coloring cards activity which I think you can use with your kids. There are color frames at the end of the PDF that you can use too and some tiny instructions. Check under "stepctc" for them. Hope this works for you!
  3. Hi - got this idea out of an Usborne book - potato print reindeer face with thumb print ears, thumb print red nose on top of the brown then draw on the antlers and eyes with a felt pen. Children then decorate with glitter and stars around the print. It IS adult led but hey ho they love doing them. Can also cut a large triangle into the potato and do a xmas tree which they can then decorate with sequins and glitter etc.

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I wonder what the children would like to do.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Sounds quite complicated to me. With all that effort and all those sultanas you've got the basis of a real Christmas pudding. Wouldn't it be more fun and would they learn more by making a little Christmas pudding each? EYFS is not a subsidiary of Clinton cards.
  6. hi , i work in a nursery school and we are doing glittery marble rolling for our cards this year, the childen are loving it. with their choice of colour card, paint and glitter.

  7. One year we did fingerprint snowmen (two splodges for each snowman), let them dry and then the kids drew hats, scarves, faces, whatevers on in felt tip over the top - we had some very interesting snowmen as our little bunch of budding feminists decided of their own volition that there weren't nearly enough snow-women so we had snowgirls with pigtails, snowmen with mohicans, snowmen with glasses, snowbabies... I had to laugh at that bunch!
    Only drawback being that drawing in felt tip on top of white paint made yer felt pens go slightly funny till you scribbled the paint back off - so I tried to restrict it to one set of felt pens being used for it so we didn't end up with every felt pen in the classroom wrecked before January.
    (Apologies for typos - having a really bad spelling day today!)
  8. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    we also made hand print tree cards last year, the childrens faces were stuck on stars at the top of the tree, they looked lovely, white card was used which ws very effective.

    This year we have triangles and circles, the children are using these to make an angel and wings.. they look beautiful. The shapes are cut out of wrapping paper and the angels face is layered with tissue paper.
    We also have a day when the children make cards using whatever they want and doing whatever they want with the media provided.
    If you google you will see lots of ideas that show you a picture. I often keep cards that i have recieved that i think will make a nice card.
  9. Baubles. Have a discussion about baubles, investigate colour and pattern.
    Give the children 3 or 5 circles of different sizes/colours. The child makes a design or pattern of their own choice on each. stick on to front of card with a bow/ribbon at the top. Done. Simple.
  10. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Occasional commenter

    What a pointless unhelpful comment.
  11. We are making reindeer, brown foot print cut out, two hand prints for antlers add googly eyes and a red pom pom for a nose. Children enjoy the doing and making, (special school).
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I'm sorry you think so. But I disagree. I do think it is important to let the children have input into how they want to make their cards. The cards are personal communications and as such I believe their execution should be inspired and engineered by the children.

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