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Christmas card ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kellywaaad123, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Any ideas for easy to make Christmas cards in key stage 1?
    I have a year 1 class, and need ideas for cards the children can make?


  2. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

    I have used a painting programme on the computer called Colour Magic. The children designed their own backgrounds and then used the 'stampers' to add detail. If it is printed in portrait view it gives a picture of ideal size for folded A4 card and allows for glitter border to be added. I am sure other painting programmes would give similar results.
  3. 3 card triangles (isoceles shape) - large,medium, smaller. children decorate these with whatever you choose, sparkly foil paper, paint, sequins, scrunched up tissue - whatever you have/whatever yoou fancy. now you have 3 baic trees! glue two onto the card. use a sticky pad to fix 3rd on, raising it up, add a star to top of each tree et voila, one simple card accessible for all to make independently! (background anything you fancy or keep it blank)
  4. As long as you make sure there's a 'Jesus' on them.
    Whoops, sorry! Wrong thread.

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