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Christmas/ birthday presents for 1 year old

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenmittens, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    (Apologies, there was a thread like this but can't find it).
    A family member surprised me today by asking what LO would like for her first birthday (December) and Christmas! She's super organised and always buys presents way in advance. I didn't really know what to say, but thought of a few useful things on the way home... here is a list of things we might need, can anyone add ideas for good toys etc for a 1-2 year old? Particularly having a December birthday she won't get many presents during the rest of the year so it will be good to have ideas ready if people ask.
    • Grobags in bigger sizes
    • Garden toys for next summer (ideas?)
    • Clothes but not season-specific as she is still in 0-3 and 3-6 months at nearly 7 months, so will be behind in sizing
    • Books
    • Contribution to child trust fund
    • Ride-on toy eg bounce and spin zebra
  2. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Also how much would/ did you spend on Christmas when LO was a baby? On her first Christmas she was only 2 weeks old and had no idea what was going on so we only bought a few things, and were inundated with tons of presents from my huge family. Most of them were fantastic and have been well used. But for her second how much is right to spend? I've already got about 5 items of clothing in bigger sizes that I have bought her and will get some books, don't want to be stingy but she will get so much stuff from other people. BTW I am happy for family and friends to choose gifts if they want but I think quite a few will ask what we need, I have always done this when buying children's presents to make sure the present will be wanted.
  3. I asked a while back about what to get my nephew for his first birthday. The ideas included a treasure basket (and I can't think of any others). However, when I asked my sister in law, she said bath toys (as nephew loves bath time), walker, things that can be pulled along (like a train). However, looking at his presents, he also got a thing with loads of balls in it (though you'd need the space for this).
    I have no idea what to get my LO for her birthday - same time as yours (so the birthday/Christmas thing too). We live in a small flat so have no idea where gifts will be stored - we're already brimming as it is!
  4. We always like books :d Anything touchy feely or lift the flap.
    Shape sorters are good, we currently have 4 in the house [​IMG] but 3 of them are going to school soon.
    Current obsessions of my 16 month dd are baby dolls, buggy, balls, happyland stuff, mega blocks and simple jigsaws. And pens!!! No paper is safe, if it's within her reach it is drawn on instantly.
    Outside toys - a ride on car/bike (no pedals just yet), a trampoline (we have one of the small ones with a handle), a play house (picked up cheap from a charity shop) you might want a swing too depending how far the nearest park is.
  5. My OH is making our LO a sit on train for his first birthday in October.
  6. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Love the idea of a train bradley! [​IMG]
    Thanks for all your thoughts, we have a little list going that I'll pull out if anyone asks. My friend has a 14 month old who loves a rocking horse toy from Mamas and Papas, it's really nice so that would be a good gift. Actually my health visitor suggested a course of lessons eg swimming or baby music sessions etc as a good present idea, might be good as they can be expensive.
  7. We are getting LO a Little Tikes ride on thing that has a handle for the grown up and a sort of harness to start with to go for walks and then converts gradually into a proper trike with pedals. I think they are ok from about 10 months.
    I was playing with LO this evening and was pretending to make some of her toys move and I thought that hand puppets would go down well too. Proper musical instruments have been a big hit with our LO too, I found a 'proper' wooden tambourine and a wooden pair of maracas (sp?!) and she loves them. They do say from 36 months on them but as long as I make sure I'm always with her they'll be fine. So much better than the plastic instruments in ELC!

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