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Christmas activities/party games/crafts?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ESLAB, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    It is that time of year!! As a NQT I would love to hear what other people do in their classroom in the build up to Christmas. I teach a mixed Year 1 and 2 class. We are having a whole day of 'making' with the parents invited. Also, a whole day of 'Class Party'. So all ideas for games and crafts would be very welcome! If anyone has any ideas, websites etc that they are willing to share, I would be very grateful - I need to be inspired! Thanks for any help.
  2. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Any others willing to share? Thanks...
  3. I play a game similar to Beetle called 'Draw Rudolph' where the children roll a dice and each number represents a body part so 1 is an antler, 2 is a head, 3 is a leg, 4 is a body, 5 is a tail and 6 is a red nose (I think - something like that anyway - I've had a glass of wine!!). My Y5s like to do it in a daft way and draw everything they throw just to see what weird and wonderful creatures they can design but younger ones could compete to see who can draw a complete reindeer first. You could give them a picture of a reindeer to colour in if they can't draw very well.
    I also like to play boys v girls Pictionary on the IWB where they draw a picture for their team to guess - I give mine 5 guesses before it's passed over to the other team. Ooh, I'm getting excited now!
  4. Craft ideas
    Cover some plates in cling film and papier macho on top to create another "plate". Leave them to dry for 2 or 3 days and then paint them in metallic paints and decorate with jewels/sequins/buttons...Christmas platters.

    Ask for clean jars from home with no labels...decorate them with glitter, permanent pens and tissue paper...tea light candle holders.

    Sew felt heart shapes together and fill with stuffing...add a ribbon and tiny bell or button to make a really pretty deco to take home (with year 1's I call the children in pairs to do this unless it's a safe needle)

    All day sounds like a long time...I usually do an afternoon and there's tears by the 2nd hour! Good luck!
    Pass the parcel with chocolate coins, christmas stickers and candy canes, blu-tac the star on to the tree, lucky dip, musical statues to Christmas tunes.

    Last week:
    Christmas decos with hanging loops made from gift wrap ribbon.
    Christmas cards.
    Small world play to inspire speaking/listening and story writing using a knitted or other non-breakable Christmas nativity set (a great investment for KS1 children!)
    Lots of singing from SingUp (who and I kidding...we find a song to fit every topic we choose!)
    Talk about Christmases around the world, lots of fab Christmas stories...Mog's Christmas, Aliens Love Pants Claus, Kipper, One Snowy Night, Dear Santa, The Jolly Christmas Postman, Bear Stays Up For Christmas...etc...

    Hope any of that helps.
    Enjoy! x
  5. Sorry! I forgot no spaces would come doing it that way! :0) I hope you can read it.
  6. ESLAB

    ESLAB New commenter

    Thanks for some great ideas! I am still looking if anyone else wants to contribute any! I came across a great website with lots of ideas: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk which I hope someone else finds useful. Thanks.

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