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christ church/kent GTPers

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by deleted752, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if there are any other christ church GTPers out there? I have accepted the job by the school and im waiting for my christ church interview which will hopefully be soon cos i cant stand this waiting around!!!
    Good luck!
  2. Hi
    I had my Christ Church Canterbury interview in January for Primary GTP and got accepted and I have been offered a post doing GTP at my school. The paperwork has all gone off and I am just waiting to hear what I have to do next.
    Good luck with your interview.
  3. Hi
    I had my Christ Church Canterbury interview in January for Primary GTP and got accepted and I have been offered a post doing GTP at my school. The paperwork has all gone off and I am just waiting to hear what I have to do next.
    Good luck with your interview.
  4. Hi!
    It's official as of yesterday that I became another Christchurch GTP-er! I've now got my school and training place all lined up. Just waiting on September to roll round.
    I've had my interview already so fingers crossed for you that it will go well. Mine was fine though it did take up most of the day and you do get to see how everyone else does.
    Good Luck!
  5. Char_lottie,
    what subject/age are you doing?
    was the christ church interview difficult? im waiting on the papers and date which i will hopefully get next week. im not worried about actually doing the starter lesson but just what to do!!
    im doing secondary PE.

  6. So we could all be interviewed together then??
    I'm hoping to do maths at secondary - I have got my school place but a bit worried now as i read on another post that getting the school place doesnt guarentee you get onto the GTP!!
  7. Hi teacher550,
    Sorry have been rather busy with my p/t job!
    I am going into a career in Secondary Geography teaching!
    My interview (which should be the same as yours) consisted of a group of of us. We took it in turns to present our lessons, had our mini tests and then had a Q&A session. The people interviewing you (from my experience) have a history at the Uni through the GTP or PGCE as well as in Education.
    Personally I found it helped to get to know the people in your group, as you will find that everyone pretty much feels the same as you do.Plus by the end of our interview we were all giving each other feedback and swapping ideas.
    Oh and do try to remember to stick to your time! [​IMG] I would recommend speaking to your school about the starter lesson and getting them to give you some guidance, maybe find out what they feel works best or just ask them to give you advice on what websites to use.
    Hi nina_fuente - Don't fret. Yes it is true that just because a school confirms that they will offer you a teaching placement it doesn't necessarily mean you will get a place at the Uni however I was advised by my school that the University general 95% of the time agrees with the schools choice and if for some reason they don't opt to take you on at the Uni they will help you find alternative methods in. How true that is I am not sure but my school have been very supportive so far!
    I can't remember the last time I looked forward to going back to school!!
  8. Hi Char_Lottie,
    Thanks for the interview tips! When you say mini tests, what do you mean? are you talking about numeracy and literacy tests?
    I'm still waiting for a letter from the uni! I hope i get it soon cos i just want it over and done with and all confirmed!!
    I know that the GTP system is different for every provider and county, but im sure Chirst Church allocate their training places to the schools in Jan so its not like the uni interview is still to compete for the places, where as some training providers require you to find a school and then apply to the uni for a place, so the uni can actually turn you due to the school you choose.
    I really need to have a think about what my starter lesson will be on. Char_Lottie, did most people just do an 8 minute activity? did you do learning outcomes etc?
  9. just got my interview letter this morning. It's on the 20th April at 1.30. Anyone else going?
  10. Hi teacher550,
    Yeah the mini tests are simply the numeracy and literacy tests so don't worry overly too much about those. They explain them fairly well in the letter which you have already received!
    Hope it all goes well for you, I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    I simply did an 8 minute starter lesson, as that is all it asks of you and that was the same as everyone else. I personally picked a subject that I thought was interesting to me as well as students, got people involved andhad things for them to fill in or read.
    Just remember that we are all learning so we won't get things perfect every time!
    Charlie x
  11. Can someone clarify for me, do we get to choose the topic for the starter lesson ourselves or do we get told what it is in the letter? Just thought i could start planning now if i'm choosing it myself. And also, from what research i've done, are starter lessons and starter activities the same thing as it seems to be based round games and although i could make the game last 8 minutes, it would probably take less than half of that to explain it! Would appreciate any advice!!
  12. have you not recieved a letter yet? when did you have your school interview and accept the job? in the letter it says we have to do an 8 min starter lesson to introduce a new topic within the national curriculum to a mixed ability year 8 lesson (but the other gtp candidates will be the class). so basically we have to pick the topic. i think its a good idea to do some kind of activity to get the 'students' involved and doing things. its all about 'active learning'. but i agree, by the time you have done a quick intro and explained the activity 8 mins is a very short time! and it always goes so quickly too! good luck!!!
  13. Hello!
    Thought I would finally make an account instead of just reading the forums. I also have a GTP interview at 1.30pm on the 20th of April - well, tomorrow in fact at the Hall Place campus (No idea why they decided on that particular place as it's ages away from the main campus)
    As for the topic starter, I don't know whether they want us to actually teach something, or just begin the lesson and not actually use the resources we use / hand out. Either way it's probably too late to worry about it.
    Hope the interview goes successully for you.
    - RF
  14. Hi! Good luck to you two that have your interview today, i've finally got the date for mine, 8th May!! Can you let me know what the numeracy test is like??
  15. hi,
    well the interview is done! its really not that bad at all. its very informal. the maths test was very simple. 10 questions, basic maths. the literacy test is basically our thoughts on the paper they send u. really informal and nice to meet other people. good luck!
  16. hi there,
    So did you get in?
    What would you classify as "basic maths"?
    Was there any specific vocabulary, puncuation or spelling tests?
    During the group interview section, did they direct each question at an individual or expect you to discuss it among the group?

    Thank you!

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