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Chris Quigly, Skills Based Curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by littlest hobo, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. littlest hobo

    littlest hobo New commenter

    I was hoping that some kind soul would be able to help? Our school is thinking about moving towards a more skills based/creative curriculum and ditching the QCA altogether (yey!). I was wondering if anyone who is using the Chris Quigly documents/skills based curriculum would be able to send me samples of Long Term/Medium term/Short Term planning if possible please as I don't know where to begin. Also, how does it work for you? How do Subject Leaders assess etc? Any advice would be amazing as Im lost!!
    Thanks in advance
  2. Have mailed you x

  3. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon - but we too are trying to move to a more creative curriculum and would very much appreciate if you could email me too!! :)
  4. you have mail x
  5. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

  6. Could I have a copy too please. Don't know where to start with it all. Thanks.
  7. Sorry... but could I have a copy please? Don't know where to start but so excited about the new changes!
  8. you all have mail. Don't know how useful it will be, it's just how we have interpreted the chris quigley stuff so hope it helps in some way.
    harpixie - have you got an email address?!
  9. Would you be so kind as to please send me a copy too? We're also looking at curriculum change and I'd really value seeing how others have done it.
    Many thanks,
  10. Hi Could I possibly get a copy too please? Would be a big help!


    Many thanks!

  11. Please may i have a copy to
  12. Please could I have a copy too? We are starting teh creative curriculum this year and it would be good to see other people's ideas!


  13. CouldI please have a copy too!

  14. Can I join and ask for a copy too please? Thanks

  15. Mailed you all today - sorry it took so long, computer network has been down at school. x

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