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Chris Quigly-buried treasure/vikings

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gibbostars, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Hi this is my first ever post so hope I'm doing it right.
    I'm in year 3 about to start a cross curricular plan based on Chris Quigly's Buried Treasure topic and have know idea where to start!
    We got ideas on activities to do but have no idea how to plan them out or put them into a plan.
    any example, help or plans would be greatly appreciated.
    My e-mail is emma3004@hotmail.com
  2. As with anything make sure there is progression of skills in your planning. I haven't heardof Chris Quigley or this project before. Maybe you can include some kind of archeology where children dig up clues etc. Maybe let me know a bit more about it and I will get some ideas to you.
    Can't say I'm an expert but am Humanities co-ordinator and also did my specialism for degree in history.

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