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Chris Quigley Cross Curricular Topic - How do you do yours?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by regencyrob, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hello
    My school is currently trying to adopt a cross curricular topic/units.
    We are having a few teething problems. We have had no training one member of staff went on the training and has the unit file.
    How did your school introduce this? Do you think we need any more resources?
    Do you have any tips?

  2. Hi,

    We actually had Chris Quigly into school to deliver a staff meeting so had the advantage of seeing how he would use it in a Primary classroom.

    We did a trial year and then realised it was very easy to use for planning so kept it. If you leave an email address I could send a sample of my planning to show how we use it for our weekly planning?

    I don't think anymore resources are needed other than the disc with all the levels for all foundation subjects (and ICT and Science) on. That is the crucial piece you all need, you can just copy it from the disc onto your hard drive or USB stick.
  3. Hi cbdixon,
    I know you posted this years ago and am not at all sure if you are still on here, but if you are, could I be cheeky and ask if you could send me a sample of your planning? We want to revamp curriculum and its planning and went on Chris Quigley course this year. Would love to see how other schools make the curriculum exciting and see the planning format.If you can, my email address is mrsangelashaw@yahoo.co.uk
    Best wishes,
    Ang Shaw

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