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Choosing/ Perceptions of a teaching Union - NUT, ATL, NASWUT, Voice etc

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by anon874, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    There are loads of unions out there - and it's great when they're all free to an NQT because you can lap up the benefits of all of them.
    I mentioned with union I was with to a member of SLT (mentor meeting, union offered me free training course - the school can afford that for me!) and got a "you're with THEM?!" sort of response.
    It made me wonder - what image to the unions have in the business? Is one considered THE union and other pretend unions? What's the deal?
    What do you consider when you choose a union? Someone once said to me "just pick the one most people are in at school" but that just seems lazy. You don't buy the same car insurance as everyone else in the staffroom so why do that with a union?
  2. I picked the union whose views I agreed with.
  3. Facetious

    Facetious New commenter

    I sought advice from colleagues and the general consensus was to go with the union that is most popular in our school (NASUWT) purely because the area rep is familiar with the school and its policies. Therefore, apparently, it would be the most useful union to support me in a crisis. However, that's not always what it's about, is it?
  4. I think the protetion angle is that the unions will pay for your legal fees if any accusations were to get so far that you need them I don't know your own situation but ost teahers i know would end up finanially rippled if the worst happened and they needed to fund their own court costs.

    As for the unions, I think it speaks volumes about the ATL that they refuse to strike over issues pertaining to the pupils they teach, and apparently care for, but they are the first to call for action when its their own pockets at risk....

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