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Choosing a pram/car seat.... Help!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by LittleMissCurious, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. I'm still in the very early stages of my pregnancy, but OH and I are trying to budget for the things we'll need to buy, and find some secondhand bargains, as we go through the months.
    Our biggest outlay I think will be the car seat/pram type thing. I've had a brief look, and quite like the Jane travel systems. But how on earth do I choose what to buy?!?! I've read reviews, and visited a huge baby megastore, but I am just bewildered by the choice (and the prices!!) There seem to be thousands to choose from.
    Can anyone offer me some advice?
  2. i didn't research and bought a mamas and papas ultima travel system off ebay for £35 (over £800 in the shop). however, it didn't fit in the boot of my fiesta when folded down! so when LO was 2 months old, I bought a babystyle oyster for £90 on ebay after researching which travel systems folded down as small as possible. i also wanted parent facing as well to help with language development which limited my choices.
    i like the ones that have car seats that clip onto frames for when LO is very tiny as it saves waking them if they fall asleep in the car.
    my friend spent hundreds on a travel system from mothercare which faced away from her and she disliked it once her baby arrived and he now gets carted around in a £25 parent-facing pushchair that she found on gumtree and wished she'd A- bought parent-facing first time round and B- never bought new as she has hundreds of pounds worth of barely-used travel system clogging her hallway.
    i was ok about using a second hand car seat up to 9 months as we didn't do lots of travelling (I have bought new for 9months-4 years) but if you want new, you could research in a shop, choose which travel systems fit in your boot, find one close to you second hand on ebay/gumtree/facebook selling pages that suits your car/lifestyle and then buy the brand new car seat to match.
  3. Thanks for the reply spider. We almost bought a system on eBay last week, but my bid didn't meet the reserve... :(
    I've been through all the questions on a couple of websites (I do want one suitable for streets and country lanes, I don't need to take it on a bus, I would prefer a reversible seat, I'd like a carry cot/buggy/car-seat combo, it needs to fit in the boot of my little Megane, I don't care what colour it is!) but no-where seems to have a "flow chart" like guide to which system meets all my requirements. I think we are going to have to brave the superstore place again, against my better judgement....!
  4. i find those places very scary! the quinny buzz, babystyle oyster and maxicosi loola UP i think are the smallest on the market which also have carrycot and car seat options.
    also, we used the carrycot for LO to sleep in for the first 2-3 months - saved buying a moses basket x
  5. Planning on using the carry cot in a similar way - baby is due in August so being wrapped up very warm won't be necessary. Also hoping to use those little zip on sleeping bag things - my nephew still has one at age 2 and it seems a great idea.
  6. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Quinny buzz is great- I've had one since my daughter was born and am happy to answer any questions :)
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!
  7. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    I have a silver cross 3D and find it very heavy to move and the added car seat is also very heavy. You also son't get the option of LO facing you when it's used as a stroller. Doesn't help what to buy, but if I had the choice again I wouldn't get this one
  8. We got given a Mamas and Papas one and very rarely used it - way too heavy. We bought our own birth upwards pushchair with clips that we could attach the car seat too - not helpful for what you want. However my OH's approach was fab and recommended. He tried out lots of buggies/pushchairs and if he couldn't put it up/down with very little help, or work out to attach things then it went straight off our list. (We didn't want something that would need lengthly explanations if the grandparents wanted to take LO out.) And we both tried to lift up the chasis etc. to check the weight. Very embarassing for me, but we have ended up with a fab pushchair that folds up straight away and LO could go in from birth. I highly recommend haggling at the moment as we got a great deal on car seats in Mothercare by haggling and price matching. I I don't recommend going and asking for advice in shops without doing research - I watched a couple asking in John Lewis - saying they didn't have a clue and were shown the most expensive stuff in the shop.
    Most people in my NCT group got a Brittax travel system - they all went and got pushchairs after 6 months - probably not one to get!
    Top priority for us was something you could steer with one hand so we could push LO to sleep and manage a coffee/beer/wine at the same time!!!!!
  9. I would recomend the babystyle Oyster. It's light, easy to collapse and put up, brill carry cot but will also clip onto car seat. LO is 15 months and it's still our only pushchair purchse which seems unusual compared to many people. It folds up quite small but into a square (if that makes sense!) reather than a stick type collapse which is long and thin. I would avoid megastores and go to a small independent shop if you are buying new. That way, any problems or questions when you're using the next attatchment up you can go back to them and have it explained all over again - at least that's what we did! It cost about £400 inc carrycot, car seat, seat chassis, foot cover, rain cover etc.
  10. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Forgot to say, we now use a Maclaren Techno XT which is lighter and easier to fold, but I wouldn't really want to put a newborn in it even laid flat- I'm sure it's safe but just personal preference. I think on the XLR you can get a carrycot to fit on it, if Singing Redhead is around she could tell you as I'm sure she has one! I didn't really mind buying a stroller as well, as we had lots of use out of the Quinny travel system but got it for a very good price. The Maclaren was also discounted so we didn;t spend too much.
    The Quinny was good for a newborn because it's rear or front facing, relatively small to fold, maxicosi carseat clips on which was my preferred carseat, nice colours, adjustable height handle, carrycot was gorgeous and useful when we went away, LO always seemed comfortable. Downsides: on the three-wheeler the front wheel sticks a bit, it takes a bit of brute force to collapse, small shopping basket.
    Look out for extras like cosytoes, raincover etc, if they're not included it can add up. Also, lots of posters on here find parasols to be rubbish, including me! As you're having a summer baby, a snooze shade would be a good idea to keep the glare off LO while they sleep. Good luck x
  11. Thanks all, especially kittenmittens for the Snooze shade suggestion... added it to my list!
  12. One thing I really liked was having the base in the car that you can just click the carseat into, saved so much hassle fiddling about with seatbelts, and much easier to sneak the baby back into the house still asleep! Mine was a maxicosi one.
    A few of my friends have the oyster pram, and they seem to like it.
    Ooh, my top tip for moneysaving... did you know Mothercare do a price match, so if you find a great price on crappy-babies-online.com or whatever, Mothercare will check it then you just pay the lower price. We saved over £100, we did want to buy the pram from a 'real' shop that we could take it back to if necessary.
    I feel your pain, I am not joking when I say I spent longer choosing the pram than choosing my car. And now we are mostly using a £30 stroller anyway haha!
  13. As kittens says I have the Maclaren techno xlr. It is a pushchair with so many fantastic features. I LOVE IT. We had the carry cot which cleverly sits on the pushchair seat to turn it into a parent facing pram. You can also get the car seat which does the same thing but we chose not to. Anyway, look it up as I can;t fault mine.
  14. Congratulations
    We got the Mamas and Papas Sola - with all of the extras - Carry Cot. I wanted an old fashioned looking pram for when he was a baby and a push chair that went both ways so for when he was young facing me and then can turn round now he is older it I want to. The other key factor for me was weight. (not that it matters to OH) mine weighs 10kg. As in I stood in the shop and picked the ones up we had decided on. Same for car seat! that goes on it.
    All in when we bought it, it was about £500 - we are still using it now. LO 14 months. - no need to change for us
  15. Bardley, thanks for the info on M&P. We went to look there yesterday (just passing..... honest!) and quite liked both the Sola & the Zoom.... need to start saving....

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