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Chocolate or ...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by dande, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Sounds nice.
  2. dande

    dande New commenter

    Quavers were dispatched, as to were the digestives!
  3. Well done. Have you considered this evening's munching? I have 2 bottles of rose chilling in da fridge and nothing to munch as such but have bought nice things for tea from my M&S
  4. dande

    dande New commenter

    Not sure if I will last long enough for munchiing tonight - Not had much sleep past two days. I do have some wine ready... hmm, what to have with it?
  5. A cheese board.
  6. Wasabi peas.
  7. Nigella made a delicious sounding treat this morning - called something like Sweet and Salty bar. It was made with chocolate and salted peanuts - a combination I love. I used to really like chocolate coated pretzels. Can you still get them?
  8. I lied to you all and I am so sorry. I do in fact have things to devour this evening (in no particular order) strawberry cables, strawberry liquorice and snackajacks.
  9. dande

    dande New commenter

  10. Oops seem to have eaten a whole bag of cinema sweet popcorn.
  11. dande

    dande New commenter

    I am having a few cans of lager tonight. Stuffed from a huge curry so doubt I will require a snack later, but will wait and see.
  12. Popcorn was before dinner [​IMG]
  13. garlic naan.....mmm
  14. dande

    dande New commenter

    Not having a drink tonight.
  15. *faints*
  16. No snacks for me tonight. Out for a meal with a lovely bottle of wine.
  17. Debating a glass of rose
  18. dande

    dande New commenter

    Sorry, little one was unsettled so never made it on... although did sneak a few sips of a rather robust red (as they say)
  19. I debated and decided against the rose. no nibblingeither [​IMG]

    cooking a roast today so will be too full for nibbling tonight (unless it's mr chillie's ear )

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