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CHOCOLATE inspiration afternoon, year 3... ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by primaryteacher12, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. For 1 of the first days back to term, I want to have an inspiration afternoon to get the children interested in the new topic- chocolate! (I'm sure it won't be TOO hard!)...
    The topic is D&T and Science based, so by the end of the term, they will have produced their own chocolate products and wrappers.
    My initial ideas for the inspiration afternoon are to set the challenge and make chocolate truffles for the children to take home. I thought I could write up a letter from Alan Sugar setting the task and show a video clip of the biscuit task that the contestants did this year, as it is a similar kind of thing. Then I could group the children and ask them to discuss what they may need to find out over the next 6 weeks so that they can produce a really good chocolate product.
    At the end of term, I will probably get together a group of 'judges' (i.e. teachers) that choose the 'best' chocolate bar etc... I thought that setting the children a challenge with a bit of competition and a reward at the end would inspire and enthuse them?
    What do you think? Any better ideas would be appreciated! (I am an NQT and I am worrying a lot about my first term....)
  2. toty

    toty New commenter

    Not sure if this will be useful to you:
  3. Your ideas sound great - the children will love it. I've done this for the last two years and both times the children said it was their favourite topic!
    Some other ideas you could do on the day or even at some point during the term:
    A taste quiz - get various different types of chocolate and ask the children to taste them and guess what they are or have in them. I managed to find quite a wide range when I did this - chilli, salt, popping candy, caramel etc. - Waitrose is good for slightly strange flavours and I even found a garlic one at a craft fair! You could then use this to help them think about combinations that go well together to make a chocolate bar at a later stage in the term.
    Sweet linked science investigations just to get them thinking - not all linked to Chocolate, but link to ***** Wonka's Chocolate factory. For most of these I just put the equipment out on a table with an instruction and questions card and let them investigate and then we talked about them at the end of the day.
    Put some skittles (or smarties would work) into a glass with one malteaser (this needs to be at the very bottom) and challenged them to get the malteaser to the top - they aren't allowed to touch the sweets though. (They need to tap the glass on their hand to get the malteaser to rise)
    Have a competition to see who can make the strongest structure using marshmallows and straws and then test them later with weights. (Triangluar structures work best)
    'Are blue smarties really blue?' Put out a tube of smarties and some different coloured see-through paper (the wrappers from quaility streets are good for this). Look at the smarties through each coloured wrapper and see what they find out. (The smarties appear different colours under the wrappers depending on the colour of the smartie and the wrapper)
    Melting chocolate - get a square of dark, milk and white chocolate and put in clear plastic bags in a pot of hot water - which will melt quickest? (The higher the amount of cocoa means the higher temperature needed to melt the chocolate)

    Good luck


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