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Chnages to end of year 6 assessment - report of the Bew Review

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lou2005, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Just seen the headlines of this review as follows:
    - Teacher assessment to achieve equal status with testing.
    - Writing to be teacher assessed based on work throughout the year. (Hooray!! - but will this make APP compulsory I wonder?)
    - Tests retained for maths and reading, but the reading test to be reviewed for accessibility for all pupils. (Yippee!)
    - Small test for punctuation and spelling to be introduced but the writing composition to be the bulk of the judgement. (Fair enough.)
    - Progress to be at least as prominent as attainment in the judgement of school performance. (Good news if the levels from previous teacher are accurate - and they usually are.)
    - Authorities and agencies to take much greater account of pupil progress - the headline measure. (About time - some kids just can't make lev 4 no matter what you do with them.)
    - League tables heavily criticised and judging schools on any single measure is discredited. (Yess!!)
    - Three year rolling averages to become the norm. (Don't know what this means?)
    - A new measure to address schools with high pupil mobility - looking at the performance of pupils who have been with them for all of year five and six. (Good.)
    All in all some pretty good recommendations I would say. What do others think?
  2. Oops - Chnages? Perhaps I should practise what I preach - check your work over before you submit it!
  3. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    "Teacher assessment to achieve equal status with testing"

    Is Bew saying this will be a new thing? Or just something that schools will now be encouraged or made to say instead of pretending that NCT results mean the Earth? (As they have been tempted to do, hitherto, perhaps.)
    Legally, TA and NCT have always been half and half of end of key stage assessment - 100% in most subjects, of course, where there is no NCT.
  4. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    Legally, yes.
    However, for OFSTED & Raise Online, it is as though the teacher assessments don't exist. Schools are judged entirely on NCTs.
  5. The idea that schools would be judged on a 3 year rolling plan is basically so they look at progress/attainment over 3 years rather than just concentrating on the current assessment data for end of key stage - it means schools cant be ripped to shreds if they have one odd cohort of children whose assessments are below average/the norm for the school.
    Looking at the 3 year cycle also means that areas for development or improvement can be identified to better effect - for example if reading is an ongoing weakness then it can be identified rather than as i mentioned before, one lower ability cohort becoming a slating point for schools.
  6. sounds good so far...
  7. Oh I see - sounds pretty good to me then. I'm convinced this year's results are going to bring Ofsted knocking on the door early. We had 100% across the board last year with high proportion of lev 5s (how I miss my perfect class!). This year's results are going to look awful in comparison.

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