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Chinese Work Visa New Rules

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by joerothuk, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. joerothuk

    joerothuk New commenter

    Has anyone applied for a new Chinese work visa with these new regulations from within the UK? I cannot believe how many steps there are. My old visa has expired so I have to start the process afresh.

    The legalising process listed on the ever-out-of-date Chinese Embassy website is tedious and worryingly expensive (http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/lsfw/legalization/t1021900.htm).

    I calculate:
    1) £50 per document for notary signature
    2) £30 per document for the FCO online legalisation (https://www.get-document-legalised.service.gov.uk/select-service)
    3) £15 per document for the final Chinese Embassy legalisation. (http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/lsfw/legalization/t1021882.htm)

    I have been told that I need to do this for my degree and the background check, so approximately £200 in total to get two documents legalised.

    Would anyone recommend using one of these websites claiming to be able to complete the process for set fees ( e.g: http://www.chinesevisadirect.co.uk/legalc.htm).

    On top of this, the health check is expensive (if done by the book) - various websites offering a health check for 'China visas' range from about £200-500 in total. Anyone know a handy workaround? How focused are they likely to be on this?

    Any help or advice naturally greatly appreciated.
  2. CBrown

    CBrown New commenter

    If you search this forum there are topics on this.
    I am in the final stages of getting my visa.
    I used a local notary who charged me £100 for 2 documents
    Your GP can do most of the medical I had to pay for my HIV test, Chest X-ray and ECG separately
    It is an expensive process so shop around FCO fees are correct.
    Visa is not cheap either as I am paying for 2.
    You may need evidence of your old visa, I think I remember reading that somewhere.
    On a brighter note costs should be covered/ reimbursed by your school.
  3. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    Different provinces are requesting different medical exams, so get the one your school asks for. My school just wanted HIV and syphillis blood tests, not x rays etc. I got the blood test in the UK through a private hospital - £87, got the results within 5 days.

    I paid more than £300 for a solicitor to notarise and legalise my three docs with the FCO and Chinese embassy.
  4. rhenium1963

    rhenium1963 New commenter

    Did you have notarise DBS?
  5. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    If you are in the UK you can basically do all the paper work yourself and save a considerable amount of money. Check out the Citizens Advice Bureau or Google Ethical Solicitors(who provide low cost services for the poor and needy )who work at reduced rates or phone around local Solicitors for the best rate to notarize documents. I got a good deal of 25GBP per document to be notarized. Check the rate for a second or third copy as some countries don't return the notarized/legalized copies and you need to repeat the whole process again for your next job.W . T . F

    Again used a community service center in a public library to scan documents and print labels and complete online applications for the FCO legalization. (No scanner printer in the holiday let)Then down to the local post office to send the paper work off recorded delivery. Total cost 65GBP per document.

    Don't forget to include Marriage licence and Birth certificates for children as some countries require these as well.

    Average cost of a private medical for China from the staff who completed it this year, 400GBP.

    Average cost of completing the whole visa application process from start to finish, 1000GBP, including travel and Starbucks.

    Keep the receipt as the good schools will reimburse your expenses.

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