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Chinese visa

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by photoframe, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. BHD66

    BHD66 New commenter

    The key with the visa is to get the letter of invitation and the work permit raised in china and sent to you in the uk. Once you have that, then it is a case of visiting www.visaforchina.org. You have to complete a visa application. They recommend doing it online, but the site crashed everytime I tried this. More than OK to print it out and complete it. If you want it fast, then book an appointment in either London or Manchester. When you go, make sure to take as much additional documentation as possible, certificates, additional ID, etc just in case they ask for clarificatio. Once this is complete, then you can pick up, or have the visa sent within 4 working days. There is an express service that takes only 3 days for double the price.

  2. Have been told by my school that I need to have a medical to apply for the visa. Is this true? It certainly wasn't in years gone by.
  3. Well I had to provide the school with a letter stamped and signed from a doctor saying that I was basically fit and healthy to work. Nothing too extensive... they use it to get the documents for you to take to get your visa. I've been to get my visa today and I didn't need anything extra other than the documents in that link I pasted above. It was straightforward... so fingers crossed I'll have my visa in my passport on Monday when I go to pick it up!
  4. My husband and I are going to be in Suzhou in August and have just received our visas. We posted them last Thursday and got them back today. ;-) Was very surprised with the quick turn around of the postal application.

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