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Chinese Visa Question

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by MissTilscher, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. MissTilscher

    MissTilscher New commenter


    I have read so many threads on moving to China, but I am still struggling with this question. I'm hoping some seasoned International Teachers might be able to help me.
    I am currently a UK-trained Secondary teacher in Bangkok and am considering a move to Shanghai for the next academic year. I think I have got my head around the visa requirements but I just want to check a few things before applying:
    • In terms of notarising and legalising documents, is this something I can have done in Bangkok or at least Asia? I don't plan to go home (to the UK) before I would start in China so could do with being able to do these things this side of the world in the next few months.
    • Same with obtaining the Z Visa; do I HAVE to apply, or be present, in my home country or can I apply in a third country such as HK or Thailand?
    • Finally, as my parents' house is my last registered address in the UK, can I get the DBS check sent to them and then DHL'd to me over here? Or even do it through the British Embassy?
    Thanks if you have any advice regarding any of these things - I know some of you have experienced both Bangkok and China, Shanghai specifically, so if you have any advice in making the move from Bangkok to China, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    Presumably, you have a job already lined up in China? If so, I would ask the school these questions as different provinces seem to have slightly different criteria and things are CONSTANTLY changing! However, when I did mine a couple of years ago (for Beijing)..:

    1. I got both my degree and marriage certificates legalized/notarised/apostilised via DHL through a Chinese-run, one-stop-shop, London-based company (I was based in mainland Europe). Each cost about 115GBP plus the DHL fees, which the school reimbursed. I can pm you their details if you wish..? My degree cert was able to be a COPY, but our marriage cert had to be the ORIGINAL (which I got back).

    2. I applied in Spain for my Z visa at the Chinese embassy in Madrid - only difference was I had to produce extra documentation to say/prove that I was living/working there and not in the UK. Me and my wife had to physically go to Madrid as fingerprinting was required.

    3. I would have thought you would need a DBS check from Thailand rather than the UK, as this is your current location? I got my DBS equivalent from Spain and that was sufficient.

    Hope this helps. I am no expert. I can't recommend enough that you ask the school EXACTLY what is needed for the province of Shanghai as changes can occur MID application, and you have to abide by these changes. This happened with me and it was my school that informed me of these.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
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  3. MissTilscher

    MissTilscher New commenter

    Thanks, that's really helpful!

    I haven't got a job lined up yet, just considering applying. I'm just trying to work out if it is logistically possible to even apply knowing that I will not be going home. A lot to think about! I know that if I were successful I'd be able to go through the process with the school - just worried that I'd be offered a job and then not be able to jump through all the visa hoops from Asia rather than the UK!

    1. That's very helpful to know that it's possible to get the notarisation and legalisation done through an agency or maybe a family member at home I imagine if I were to DHL all documents to my parents?
    2. And so theoretically I could apply for the visa away from home. My understanding is that as long as I told the school which embassy I was applying through, they would write it in the paperwork and then that would be ok?
    3. I know I'd need a police check from Thailand which shouldn't be a problem at all. Just checking whether you knew whether a DBS was required as well.

    Thank you for all your help!
  4. loislane1

    loislane1 New commenter

    In answer to your questions...
    Degrees, they must be legalized/notarised in the country they were awarded. I paid for an agency in Leeds - I sent my originals to a friend who will then forward to China once approved by my school.
    I am applying for the Z visa outside of the UK and my school is happy with this. MUCH cheaper and easier than the UK. You need to attend the VISA center for fingerprinting and inform the school where you will be applying for your visa.
    Police check- I completed the online application ICPC using my current address which was sent to the UK this was scanned and original will be sent to China. I also completed a police check in the country that I am in and had this legalized as much cheaper than the UK as I have lived here over a year, again scanned and ready to be DHL to China.
  5. MissTilscher

    MissTilscher New commenter

    Thank you so much! That is super helpful and great to know you could do the embassy stuff in your current country. I think I will go ahead and apply then - it sounds like it is all doable!

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