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Chinese New Year

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by estudent, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Please could people share ideas for Chinese New Year activities? I really want to have some new ideas this year rather than doing basically the same things for the third year in a row!
  2. This is the problem with teaching. You have some fantastic ideas and the KIDS love it, but you become bored. After nearly 40 years in the job, how do you think I cope? My salvation is, that I NEVER save any planning. I don't keep a record anywhere, even if it is brilliant. AND at my age, I can't even remember yesterday! Google "Chinese activities" and I bet that there will be loads of ideas out there. Take the kids to China but be ready for some difficult H & S forms to fill in. SKYPE a school in China!
  3. pixiepretty

    pixiepretty New commenter

    Chinese New Year is only appropriate if you have Chinese children. Customs and beliefs in the EYFS is about the children's own customs, their own community.
  4. Not sure there is any need to comment on every CNY thread with your same viewpoint...

    While I understand completely what you are saying, I do disagree. We have no Chinese children anymore in our school but we are fairly close to a city centre where CNY is celebrated en mass every year! What is so wrong about giving children the chance to explore this too within school?

    You have a full year with the children to cover customs and beliefs in their own community. There is clearly time to branch out!
  5. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    We celebrate everything going. Just for a day. Children need to know a little about our multicultural world.
  6. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    I agree with Leapyearbaby and mda23.
  7. pixiepretty

    pixiepretty New commenter

    Then we have the same viewpoint, surely mda23!

    Chinese New Year and the celebrations are a part of your community, something children are aware of. Very different to schools in say a rural farming community in Northumberland where not a single Chinese person is part of that community ( or perhaps as another poster said the token Chinese family from the takeaway) I currently work in a school with one family where mum is Chinese and yes we encourage her to share her personal experiences and those of her children with us. All part of our community and giving the children within it a wider view of the world, but based on something familir to work from.

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