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chinese new year

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by peatles, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. we sometimes buy fortune cookies, rice, noodles, prawn crackers etc and do some tasting too.
    Have known some schools go to a local chinese restaurant
  2. We are going to make fortune cookies and get the children to write their own fortunes. (looks a bit tricky though!)
    We will have a chinese lunch that day too and are trying to find enough chop sticks for the children to try eating lunch with! We will have a tasting session as well with prawn crackers etc.
  3. We make a wishing tree - We look at pictures of the Lam Tsuen in Hong Kong and talk about the wishes people make (health and happiness etc) We write our own wishes for our families and self and then tie them to a fallen tree branch (brought inside).

    We also write the chinese symbol for the animal of that particular year.

    There are masks of the animals in the race for retelling, role play area becomes a home with chinese bowls, wok, red envelopes, playdough for making lucky dumplings (with money!). We do some food tasting. Its a very busy but fun week!
  4. Hello all
    I thought I'd pitch in here with a link to all the Chinese New Year themed resources on TES Resources, hope you find them useful:
    Chinese New Year themed resources
    Best wishes
  5. I am a teacher in Taiwan. You could teach the children to say 'happy new year' in Chinese. The best phonetic translation I can give is " shin nee-en kwai ler". You could make simple rabbits out of upside down paper cups (as it is the year of the rabbit) and stick on the ears and draw the nose and mouth.
  6. pixiepretty

    pixiepretty New commenter

    Chinese New Year is only appropriate if you have Chinese children. Customs and beliefs in the EYFS is about the children's own customs, their own community.

    Please read longer posting in chinese new year lesson obs.

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